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A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Crime Fiction

My name is Antwan Floyd Sr. I am a crime fiction novelists, I specialize in writing mystery novels. Although there very well may be a step by step tutorial or guide sheet on how to write the perfect mystery you will not find that here. What I can provide is my process of how I write the best story that I can write, no matter the genre.

  1. I begin with a title of the story or a character be it the hero, anti-hero, or the villain. For me in my mind knowing one of those three things for the start formulates or dictates what the story will initially be about. I say initially because any half decent writer knows that once the story begins to flow at a certain point the characters will begin to dictate where the story goes.
  2. Next thing I do is to come up with an ending, I have to know what happens at the end of the story before I begin, and if I’m really feeling the story and the idea of the characters or I come up with what is going to happen at the beginning of the next book in the series and add that to the end of the book as a teaser for the reader for the next installment.
  3. The third thing that I do is to come up with a damn good first page, in this day and age of internet and social media people’s attention spans are hard to keep a hold to and if you don’t have the reader by the first page your likely to lose them by the second.
  4. Next I come up with a loose outline of what the story is going to be about, which may or may not include writing bios for the different characters.
  5. The last thing that I do is just to write, no hard thinking just let it flow until I am done, send it to the editor then get it back and re-write.

That is my process as you begin to write you may find a better way to do it that is more to your own particular style.

Thank you, Antwan Floyd Sr. author of The Black Love Detective Series: Piece Keeper & Cannibal in the City.

Antwan Floyd Sr. is a Publisher, Author, and Reviewer. He publishes Crime Fiction novels under his publishing company Maleah Solange Books. He has released two titles in the Black Love Detective Series: Piece Keeper & Cannibal in the City. He has also written Dope Fiction and Dope Fiction pt. 2 “Greed Between the Lines”. Originally from Chicago, IL he currently resides in Indianapolis, IN where he is penning his next novel.

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