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TV & Movies: 5 Disney Movies that Gave Us Major Sibling Goals


Siblings are the ones who are the dearest and nearest after parents. They fight with us, they are the reason behind all the injustice done to you by your parents but also they are your true buddies. Your sibling is your first friend, your playmate, your support system, a merciless bully, your fan, your critic, your guardian angel and obviously a blessing in your life. No matter you are the elder sibling or the younger, without the other one your life is incomplete. Disney movies are the best when it comes delineating relationships. There are a number of Disney movies where the relation between siblings has been portrayed. In this article I will be listing  5 famous movies that gave us major sibling goals. Can you guess the movies?

  1. Frozen- You can never forget the names of Elsa and Anna if you have watched Frozen. Elsa, the elder sister with a curse who secludes her from her sister in order to protect her from the mishaps that her intractable powers might cause. Anna, on the other side, eagerly wishes for her elder sister to open the door so she could see her at least once. We can see Anna’s earnest endeavor to save her sister from the destructive powers.


  1. 101 Dalmatians- Is there anything cuter than a bunch of puppy siblings? I think you got the answer of why this movie is on the list. These baby Dalmatians are cute, mischievous, innocent and know how to stand by each other.


  1. Tinkerbell and Secret of the Wings- This tale shows the first meeting of the little mischievous fairy Tinkerbell and her fraternal twin Periwinkle. They both were born from the first laugh. This movie perfectly depicts the bonding between two twin sisters.


  1. Toy Story- Toy Story has another brother-sister duo, Andy and Molly who perfectly portrayed atypical relationship siblings normally have. We have seen Molly annoying her brother as we can typically see in real life and we have also seen Andy taking care of his sister. Isn’t it what having siblings feel like, you fight a lot but then you cannot live without each other.

    Andy and Molly

  1. The Incredibles- Remember Violet and Dash? These two siblings wanted to lead a normal life until they turned out to be blessed with superpowers. We can’t forget how they fought against the evils and helped their parents retrieve their glorious Superhero days.

    The Incredibles

Siblings are not always bad, you know. Sometimes they are just what all you need in life, after your parents.



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