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Throwback Thursday: Rewinding the 90’s

Its proved pen is mightier than sword, everyone now feels that writer(s) are here to hurt a few responsive people; thus the banning spree (of books, art, movies, fashion and now music) is on a swift pace, putting Usain Bolt to embarrassment. It is well known that a head Muslim clergy in Kashmir declared a fatwa, against a girl band- Pragaash, who have renounced out of panic for their lives.  According to the clergy, singing is in opposition to their religion, labelling it as a disgraceful act by the girls. Certainly it is bizarre to see pop music being rundown. The Indian non-film music prospect has been as one of the most diverse period of pop history in India in the 90’s, not only the music was chic and hip but there was also a rebirth of folk and earthy music.

 Rewinding the 90s_CreativePop stars were blend by the dozens. They were the essence of glamour, which the youngsters copied and followed. The lyrics were cheesiest and awful but we heard them, loved them, and played them on repeat. One still remembers Models singing Mehndi ki Raat, Anaida’s Oova Oova, Mehnaz’s Miss India and Raageshwari’s Duniya. Shweta Shetty brought a fresh commotion in pop songs with her husky voice who sang hits Johnny Joker and Deewane toh Deewane Hain. Her video albums were filled with fresh erotic air.  Shweta Shetty’s madness was not over that the beam shifted on Alisha Chinoy’s album Made in India that had Milind Soman’s shirtless sexy unveiling emerging from a box which him famous all over. Alisha controlled the scene with many musical hits. One of the earliest remixes, before the idea took to the mainstream, Shaan’s version of R.D. Burman’s Roop tera mastana was surprise to all. Vocals of Shaan and the delightful video have made it alluring still. Rajasthani folk music spectacularly became famous, it boosted Ila Arun’s career with her album Chhapan Chhoori. It became cool and trendy to listen to folk music with a hint of pop to it.

Pop had a calm death with restricted market enduring petite space for Sufi and Ghazals. The 90’s pop age got wracked and ruined with the pop stars going into playback music (Shaan, Sonu Nigam, KK, Baba Sehgal), some to overseas and a few vanished from the public (Raageshwari, Anamika, Sunita Rao).

Today’s pop music is not something worthy to write about as it is considered by the Bollywood culture with most pop stars coming from film music backgrounds. The individuality and freedom of the pop scene of the 90’s has gone astray as a new word called Ban has now arrived in the present scenario. The pop songs were not best examples of music, yet it fashioned many of our childhoods and youth and for me it still remains a matter of melancholy and a time missed. Though we had male singers like Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Bally Sagoo, and Bali Brahmbhatt among many others, but apparently it was still the songstresses who were the major Pop Stars. 90’s was a time when pop delivered fine music which are still fresh in the minds of people today.


 Romila is very passionate about reading and writing. For her, technology and gadgets are simply sexy and tempting. She likes to relax with a cup of hot coffee. She is a certified homebody when the moment calls for it but at the same time she loves to get out and explore from time to time. And when she is not writing for her blog or else where, there is a good chance you will find her tweeting, chatting with friends, listening to ghazals, coloring, watching movies or even sleeping. And not to miss out, she is genuinely a fun person and very friendly. You can reach her on her blog – https://www.novemberschild.com or follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/romspeaks. 



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