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Shorts: Mother

Mother: a word that is defined by the dictionary as, “a female parent. “

However, I envisage it is a vague and fragmentary definition for someone who not only plays such an essential and imperative role in our lives but also influences and molds our character and personality to a great extent. Rather, Mother is someone that gives us a near perfect definition to some words such as trust, love, care, affection that can seldom be realized otherwise.

Mother also signifies the epitome of sacrifice and selflessness. She always puts your needs before hers, regardless of the gravity of the consequences. Right from the time her child is in her womb, she begins an array of sacrifices. She sacrifices her career, her likes, her dislikes, her wants, her ambitions and moreover, her lifestyle among thousands of other things, trading them all in to fulfill the sole, passionate desire of becoming a mother. The pain she undergoes at the physical level is astringent and incomparable and is accentuated by the mental pain and stress to a magnanimous extent, yet she pulls through it all.

There may be hundreds of books out there on parenting, but being a mother is instinctive and that instinct cannot be nurtured by any books or advice regardless of how well renowned they are.  It is human tendency to take something for granted when they are certain of its presence, i.e. when they get used to something. This is exactly what many tend to do to their mothers. It isn’t until we leave our house, go to college or sometimes even get married that we realize the importance and impact this one person has made in our lives.



Uday Menon is currently awaiting the results of his 12th board exams. He lives in Mumbai and writing has always been his passion.



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