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Shorts: Are All Fiction Based in Reality?

Writing a story is a difficult job. As a writer there are a number of things that prohibits me from fully expressing myself, one of those factors being my limited imagination power. So what do I do?? Do I stop writing?

Absolutely not. I improve myself in every possible way I can. Read more books, increase my vocabulary and most importantly become better at expressing myself. I do not know about others, but I feel all my stories are driven by inspiration which is certainly derived from real life experiences. The way I portray these 5 stories is totally based on my creative skills.  For me reality is the best way to communicate with my readers and the stories that I narrate are just projections of my emotions which are either amplified or damped to express my thought in the best possible manner in the story.

So to answer your question, yes a story can be an art of fiction, but I strongly believe that there might be a real life experience inspiring the author to write that fiction.

Dhruba Das Roy is a freelance writer, a musician by passion, and a software engineer by profession. He is from Assam, but born in a small town of Meghalaya, where he finished his schooling. He then obtained his degree in engineering from the esteemed college of National Institute of Technology. He discovered his love for music there and was the lead vocalist of his band, “The Rozarts”.

He loves rock and roll and is a great fan of the pioneers of rock and roll-(Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen and the list goes on).Unfortunately, as engineering life came to an end, the band had to split. Recently, he moved to Kolkata where he is working in one of leading software service based companies in India.

Not everyone can put their thoughts into words. Dhruba had never tried his hand in writing; but he had an experience, an experience which changed his life for the better. Being a vocalist, his only way of expression was through the creative way. He decided to pen down his thoughts and he discovered that writing came naturally to him. His thought process in the novel relates to the general mass in many ways. He decided to stretch his limits and ended up voicing his thoughts in a different way this time.

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