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Short Story: Zeal

Short Story_Zeal

“I  can’t do it anymore, mom” cried Jane as she stepped down from the stage.

She had tried enough. She had suffered enough and now she could do it no more. She wanted to stop it all: the fear, and the humiliation! She had decided to quit and no amount of coaxing from her mother could change her mind. The fame she loved dearly had become her enemy now.

Jane was known for her sweet voice. When she sang, the crowd went crazy. She was the singing sensation of her college. She was envied by everyone. And Jane enjoyed all this until the day when fate turned the tables forever.

Jane had been returning from one of her practice sessions, extremely happy about the upcoming concert that she would be performing in. She was so lost in her dream world that she didn’t notice the car until it was too late! That day she had lost her legs and was confined to the wheel chairs for lifetime. The blow was too much for her to take and Jane had started to sink into her shell. She feared facing people and slowly she gave up her passion. She wouldn’t perform anymore even after successive persuading from her mom and her teacher.

Then one morning her teacher arrived at her home and asked her to accompany him somewhere. He promised her she would love it. Jane had so many questions in her mind but she quietly followed him for she knew he always wished well for her. She had let him down when she quit singing and she thought this was the least she could do.

After an hour long journey, they reached a school for the physically challenged. As they walked in Jane noticed children of different ages, every one having some trouble or the other. There was a boy who couldn’t see but he was learning to write. A girl, younger than her had lost her hands and she was learning to draw with the pencil between her toes. There were many children like this who despite of being faced with difficulties, were living life with Zeal. A lump formed in her throat as she saw them.

At that moment her teacher faced her and said “Challenges are a part of life. Life doesn’t end when something unfortunate happens. It ends when you give up.  You see these kids? They all are facing some difficulties or the other, but they never gave up. They don’t bother about what people think about them. They just want to live their life to the fullest. That is the kind of zeal you should have Jane. That’s what makes life worthwhile”

Jane finally understood what her teacher was saying. She felt it was silly that she gave up her talent thinking people will mock her. She walked out as a stronger person, someone with zeal to live her life to the fullest without being afraid of people any more.

  Swathi Shenoy Swathi Shenoy is a student by profession, singer by choice and writer by passion. When she is not busy with coding, she can be found blogging at Flightless Bird Thoughtful Wings. What began as simple diary entries to kill time and find solace soon turned into blogging! She writes short stories, poems, experiences and sometimes inspirational posts. She is also an artist who likes to sketch and paint in her spare time.



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