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Short Story: A Tale of Love

The strawberry cream cake stood within the glass display case – she was a bit sad and desolate. It was Valentine’s Day and no one had picked her yet; all her batch-mates had been sold. It was then that she overheard one attendant telling the other – “That idiot baker he has spelled it out as ‘Velantine’s Day’. Good lord such a lovely cake is going to remain unsold!”

The cake felt extremely sad and was totally downcast! That’s when she heard a voice – ‘Hi there Pinky; why do you feel sad?’ It was from the stack of milk packets – one of the packets which lay right next to the glass divider separating the cakes and milk packets.

The cake replied well you see I am not perfect – I am going to remain unsold and discarded! I am not going to make anyone happy.

The milk packet replied – ‘Hey be cool Pinky, we will all find a way!’

Business hours ended and the shop attendants closed down the small restaurant.

As the night progressed the milk packet and the cake had a long conversation. The cake said how she was made from strawberries that were grown in the lovely hills of Mahabaleshwar and fresh cream that was added with chocolate writing on top that the baker had messed up with his spellings.

The milk packet for his part said that he was a product of an assembly-line were over 25000 packets all similar to one another with the standardized 6.5% fat were packed, stamped with the dates and price and then sent to respective sellers via trucks.

The two shared a special bond – comforting each other as the night progressed and they finally went to sleep as the refrigerant did its trick and the all pervading darkness and silence enveloped the city and a gentle rain drizzled cooling the parched city.

The next morning the chef and restaurant attendants came in and went by their duties. The chef saw the strawberry cake and the sole remaining unsold milk packet and wondered what to do! Then he had a brainwave. He went ahead and wrote on the white-board – Chef’s Special – Strawberry Milkshake with a hint of chocolate.

The first customers for the day came in – a couple madly deeply in love; oblivious to the world around them. Their eyes lit up on seeing the ‘Chef’s Special’ and they promptly ordered two milkshakes.

In that moment the chef sliced up the cake and cut the milk packet added the two in the blender and blended them to unite them in harmony creating a symphony of love. The two were united finally!

As the attendant placed the two milkshakes on the table and walked away and the girl began sipping at the milkshake; the boy gently took out a ring encrusted with an emerald and asked the girl – ‘Lekha will you marry me?’

Lekha smiled that lovely smile that comes from a mix of shock, love, adoration and respect and hugged the boy!

The milkshakes in their respective glasses now united as one – felt happy as well!

Mahesh_Ramani Mahesh Ramani was born in Calcutta: a pucca Behala baby. He lived in Poona returned to Behala, spent 8 years at MP Birla School and by a quirk of fate landed in Chennai. An MA in English Literature and an MBA in Project Management; he is still searching for the purpose of his life 🙂  He blogs at:



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