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Special: Christmas Alone

For as long as I can remember, Christmas has been my favourite festival after Pujo , of course. There’s just something so amazing about it- catching up, plum cakes, lights, Christmas Tree stuff and just the thought of having survived yet another year of lessons and blessings. As I grew up, Christmas became a festival of memories and beautiful ones at those- Me and my sister fighting over the Christmas decorations, Mom cooking up some out-of-the-world stuff, Grandparents always tying up a chocolate to the tree whenever I slept off and of course it ended with me and my sister again fighting over whoever’s turn it is to pack all of it up.

I moved to Bangalore in 2011, and as December approached, I hated the thought of spending Christmas away from home and also my exams started on that very day- so much for a Merry Christmas. I also lost one of my dearest people in the world- My Grandmother, on our favourite one-day holiday-Christmas. Life had changed, for sure

I had decided to hate Christmas for as long as I could. But then, Christmas was and is a festival of memories, how could one hate memories that built them. I still celebrate Christmas every single year and love the joy it brings.

In Bangalore, there are lot of parties, Christmas get-togethers etc. but I being the lazy bum that I am, I take pride in being, stay in, do up my Christmas tree and eat well with a sip of wine or two. I generally spend my Christmas alone, wrapping myself in the warmth of some really, really fond memories. No, it is not a lonely day especially for someone who likes being alone. It is a day when all my memories come alive and I relive all the smiles all over again.




Suhasini Mitra holds a BA in English honors from the University of Calcutta. She completed her MA from COMMITS, Bangalore. Presently she works for PlayRight.



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