Oh, Disney!


Recently, I got chatting with Aniesha about growing up with Disney, and given the fact that I am a Bengali, a bibliophile and also a closet writer, I thought, why not share my relationship with Disney as well.

Being an 80s kid was quite an advantage. I got to experience different genres of everything ranging from music to movies to audiobooks. There was melody, rhythm, story and a sense of gratification in just about everything. Unfortunately, things have changed drastically in the recent times. Innocence has lost its charm and the value of rewards seemed to have vanished.


One of my earliest memories include listening to the audio cassette of the 1970 Aristocats along with my younger sibling during the idle summer vacations. The whole experience was really exciting as listening to stories remain one of our culture’s preferences. This was a good way to keep us from fighting each other according to parents! Life was simpler and less complicated. There was no competition to buy the latest iPhone or purchase Disney movie accessories or even throw lavish themed costume parties. We were content with whatever our parents thought we ought to have or watch. A trip to Nandan with my father to watch The Lion King was a treat! Getting Disney themed tiffin boxes or pencil cases were satisfying. Listening to ‘A whole new world’ on loop and lip-syncing was considered fun. Watching Duck Tales every Sunday morning with the cousins was a ritual.

With time, there was more to explore. Disney remained a friend throughout. With the myriad of characters and stories, Disney always transported me to a world of wonders and new discoveries.  Even though there has been an insurgent of Manga, DC and Marvel with the popular comics being made into movies, Disney still continues to have its charm entrancing me with its magic, fairy tales or even happily ever afters. The newer studio releases are conventionally not so Disney, but they still can tug at your heartstrings.


It is unfair to pick one Disney movie as a favourite, however, few deserve a mention here. The  Lion King, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Tangled, Brave, Frozen, Big Hero 6 and Zootopia are brilliant films which must be watched by all.  Simba, Sheriff Woody, Nemo, Dory, Anna, Kristoff, Baymax and Nick Wilde are characters who will be remembered for quite some time.  Their stories have set examples to deal with situations that life can throw at us at any juncture. The evolution of 3D & CGI has taken these to a different level altogether and it’s good to see still Disney churning great movies every year. The two latest ones: BFG and Pete’s Dragon are good movies too, maybe, not the very best, but well worth the watch of course! I still enjoy every Disney release and try not to miss out on most of the movies.

The current generation parents who are busy making money, hiring the best nannies and showering expensive gifts to kids (no offense to anyone in particular here, just a general observation) from the time they are  5 years of age, please do consider introducing Disney to your kids. Nobody has time; indeed but the formative years of a child is crucial in developing his/her likes and dislikes in the later years.

They must be exposed to these wonderful life enhancing experiences. Dancing to Justin Bieber or even Salman Khan’s chart busters at annual day functions is way too painful and will never improve their creativity or the zeal to learn. It would be really nice to see schools as well as parents genuinely taking initiatives to introduce Disney in some way or the other rather than going for the latest Salman Khan big banner film at the nearest multiplex.



Barnini Chatterjee is a workaholic, Travelbug,Rookie artist, Music Enthusiast, Foodie, Experimental cook, Daydreamer. A corporate workaholic who wishes to be transported to a parallel universe!  You can read her blog here: www.missschmetterling.wordpress.comYou can also send tweets to her. 



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