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Interview: Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

Hello Samarpita! Thank you for talking to Buzz Magazine  

First things first – you have a unique profile. What made you quit your job as a journalist and pursue freelancing?

My last full time  job was with DNA, as a sub-editor and when I moved to a non-metro city post marriage, I was not prepared to compromise with the level of work I have done in the past. Print media sections in smaller cities are honestly not great and from what I saw, the work being done was unimpressive. Secondly, I was ready to experiment with the kind of work I can do. Hence, freelancing came into place. I have the freedom to work on multiple projects  all of different nature and my clientele can be as big or small as I desire.

So, is this how Cover to Cover Writing Studio was born?

I had been freelancing for more than a year when my husband suggested that I made my work more professional. Giving it a name, having a website and making myself more enterprising was all his idea and he kind of pushed me into taking the bigger step. A lot of it was probably to get me moving since at that time I was going through a phase of depression and getting back to my career really helped me come out of it.

Sam di_Workplace

We understand that you’re an editor. But you’re also a writer for Buzz Magazine. How different and difficult is it for you to switch from one role to the other?

I am also a travel writer and a social media marketeer. All these look like different profiles but are one, really. I love words and working with them. Be it to create, i.e. write or  to make better, i.e. edit. There isn’t really any switch required, in fact a little bit of writing after hours of  editing always helps me freshen up.

Your website defines you as “writer, editor, blogger and social media marketeer”. Which role do you like playing the most and why?

I honestly cannot pick one. Each takes me into an altogether different space and they all bring me immense joy. I cannot explain the love I have for playing with words and getting to do this as a career. While writing and social media marketing give my imagination flight, editing let’s me make content beautiful, meaningful and correct.

You would know that juggling multiple products is a hard thing to do. How do you manage your projects? Or are you sure to never take too much on to your plate?

I don’t take more than I can manage. I try to give my complete attention to the projects in hand until the clients are fully satisfied. I assure 100 % satisfactory output, and I don’t bargain with my charges for the projects. The latter assures I don’t have too much on my plate, but whatever I do, i always of high quality. I am very proud of my clientele, they understand the need to invest in good content.

Freelance gigs are hard. What is your least favourite part about being a freelancer?

Only one thing. Sending reminder for payments. I try my best to keep deadlines. There have been times when I have just shut  down my laptop to retire for the day when a client in another time zone has messaged for something important. I’ve gone back to work without skipping a beat. I expect the same from the clients when it is their time to pay up. I find it embarrassing to ask for advance payment but there have been too many cases of freelancers not getting paid for me to take any chances.

If you could tell our readers when they should get in touch with you, it would be of great help.

Anytime! I am ready to chat any time of the day as long as I am awake. I love to socialize, network and ideate. Just don’t ask me to write, edit or promote for free, please. I do tend to my social responsibility at length.

Also, let us know which are the social media platforms you’re easily accessible in?  

I am on twitter as @BookLuster and on Facebook as @wordsbysam. I am also accessible through my websites and

Do you like being contacted over email for business purposes or do you take tweets seriously too?

Tweets are always good; I owe most of my favourite clients to twitter. Of course, the conversation moves to email and phone because work requirement and deliverables cannot be explained in 140 characters.

What is your favourite thing about choosing to lead the life that you do? And what’s your least favourite part?

Most favourite is definitely the flexibility of time. It matters a lot since my husband is also an entrepreneur and there are days when we are just working. I try to schedule my work with his, so whenever we both are free, we make it our weekend!

The least favourite, as I said above, is following up on payments.

Thank you for taking the time out to talk to us. We wish you all the best in all your future endeavours. Keep writing for Buzz Magazine. ☺

Samarpita_Mukherjee_Sharma An economist by education and a journalist by passion, Samarpita now freelances as an editor-writer and a social media strategist. She also writes for travel and is an active online volunteer with
You can contact her on social media: 
Twitter – @BookLuster
FB: /wordsbysam


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