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Interview: Priti Vishwakarma, Founder of Womaniya on Road Trips


Hello, Priti! Firstly, thank you so much for talking to BUZZ Magazine.

Tell us a little bit about Womaniya on Road Trip?

Womaniya on Roadtrips is a kind of a tour agency which provides you an opportunity to explore various off beat destination. There are no restrictions such as age bar for travelers if they’re fit & have faith in them. We encourage women & youngsters to come out of their comfort Zone & experience the travel in a new way where there are no restrictions of fixed itineraries. You can enjoy your own way of travel with us as we give you the liberty to explore local culture, local food & hidden off beat places.

What exactly inspired you to start such a venture?

16729079_10154032240757271_6282339560652899549_nI started travelling solo in India at a very young age. As a woman, we always feel unsafe to travel solo because of safety issues however I completely broke down all the norms & traveled solo in India. Eventually I felt that there is a need to encourage more woman travellers to travel. It is possible only if you can give them the comfort of travelling solo or with the group. A female tour organizer can give them comfort as well as solves their issues of safety. Therefore, I decided to start Womaniya on Roadtrips where there is a story of a solo female traveler & how she is now making her own travel trips to help people to achieve their travel goals.

Was this a solo venture? Or do you have a team that helps you out?

It’s a solo venture however I take the help of my family to run the business.
It’s been a year since you started Womaniya on Road Trip. Are there any particular landmarks that you are most proud of?

There are loads of landmarks as I never imagined that Womaniya on Roadtrips will gain 5,000 followers & 500 event subscribers in less than one year. I feel proud because we received all the organic audience. We recently went to the white Rann of Kutch with 43 women travelers which was the biggest landmark I would say as it was not a sponsored event still we received 43 women travellers. It was truly our great achievement.

We are sure it is not easy to start a new venture. Was there any one particular obstacle that you thought you wouldn’t overcome and yet you managed to beat the odds? Could tell us about it?

First of all, when a woman says she wants to start a venture, people start giving their judgments. In my case, the biggest challenge was a job profile which I had opted for myself. That was the role of a female tour guide. When I started working officially on my venture, I had to hide my plans with my family as it was a biggest challenge for me. As I had left a corporate job to achieve my dreams which might not work. When I started receiving wonderful response with the hard work I started putting everyday then I told my family about my venture eventually they too believed in my dreams & plans.

What has been the most memorable trip for you in your life?  

It was the trip to Rann of Kutch with 43 women travelers which was the biggest challenge for me. I can never forget the memorable time I had while organizing the trip.

And which has been your most favorite Womaniya on Road Trip?

My most favorite trip was Christmas in Meghalaya as it was truly divine to visit North east during winters. 

What’s the one dream trip that you would love to plan and execute via Womaniya on Road Trip?

My dream trip is Europe trip which I will love to plan & execute via Womaniya on Roadtrips

Is there any particular thing about Womaniya on Road Trip that makes it stand out from other similar ventures?

13458620_1460172987380735_8505242494238988475_oFirst of all, there is a great bonding which I share with all my travelers. It’s possible because I travel personally with all my travel groups, which is different from other similar venture as travelers find it quite personalized as it becomes easy when there is one point of contact to coordinate.

How does one go about it, if they would like to join in on one of the trips organized by your company?  

It’s quite simple. They can simply like our Facebook page – where they can directly send us a mail /message or even call to register for any trips.
Is there any way of knowing where Womaniya on Road Trip would be heading throughout the year beforehand?

Yes, once they like the page then they can get all the updates of our upcoming events as we post all our events well in advance say before 5-6 months hence it becomes easy for a travelers to work on their plans.
What is the one good thing and one drawback of heading such a unique venture?

The good thing is that I get to meet loads of unique personality via travelling & the drawback is that it’s a very seasonal venture as people cannot travel throughout the year.

What major plans do you have for Womaniya on Road Trip in the future?

15196077_1602920479772651_4518753366604637328_oAs if for now, the only major goal is to come with more & more destination & budgeted trips so that more travelers can join us & be a wonderful part of Womaniya. We have already expanded our trips to many places & we wish to cover more places.

Finally, do you ever think about what you would have been doing with your life right now had the idea for Womaniya on Road Trip never dawned on you?

I guess, I would have been working part time as a freelance event manager or would have been a travel writer.

Thank you once again for taking the time to talk to us. We wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.

For more information, go to their Facebook Page or visit their website



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