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Interview: Komal Mittal, Founder of KacyWorld.Com

Hello Komal. Thank you so much for letting BUZZ Magazine interview you! 🙂 First things first:

  1. What prompted the idea for KacyWorld.com?

Jewellery is something so personal to the wearer that it may seem like the only way to find the right piece for each individual is to head to market, even though that means fighting through the crowds, haggling for the best price and hoping that what you have is of good quality.

We recognised that this was a gap in the online retail market and hence we decided to give it a go.

  1. Why is Kacy World different from other e-commerce websites?

Shoppers can search through KacyWorld’s wide array of fashion jewellery and accessories; pick out that special item that is perfectly suited to them, all from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

What makes KacyWorld so great for shoppers is that not only are the prices so low whilst maintaining the very highest standards of quality, but there is free shipping available, all across India!

  1. Can you tell us a little about the 199 store?

The 199 store is a section which is finely curated for the young girls who are tight to budget with their pocket money , for the women who cannot afford to splurge on their love of jewellery. Every piece of jewellery in Kacyworld’s 199 Store is worth Rs 199 along with free shipping.

We want to make our products as affordable and viable as possible to our customers.

  1. How have people responded to KacyWorld?

We give our heart and soul when it comes to customer service and in return we have always got a warm response from our customers.

People have been responding quite positively to our collections as well, but as you know trends change daily . We are trying to keep up with latest trends for all sorts of groups of people and work on whatever feedbacks we get in order to increase our audience daily.

  1. Does KacyWorld have a plan for their customers for Christmas & New Year’s?

Yes ,we have a sale coming up this holiday season , there are many big offers waiting for all our customers like BOGO offers , free gifts for everyone etc. We will have something for everyone.

  1. Is this an all women’s team?

No we are a small team of 5 people , which includes 3 female and 2 male members.

  1. How was the core group formed?

We are small team of 5 people who have full faith and coordination with one another.

We met each other in different ways mainly through social media platforms like linkedin and Facebook otherwise internal references.

  1. What were you doing right before KacyWorld was conceptualised?

I started my company just after completing my graduation and started working on my other businesses which i was running part time while i was in college. I have been working in e-retail industry for almost 3 years now , In fact i am still active with my e-retail business in order to support my brand financially.

  1. Why would customers shop at KacyWorld? What unique things would we find there?

Convenience, style and exceptional value combine to make KacyWorld a one-stop shop for accessories, and the addition of exciting new products every single month keeps happy shoppers coming back again and again.

Trendy metallic jewellery , Latest Kundan jewellery , crystal jewellery you will find anything and everything that a woman needs to accessorise at KacyWorld.

  1. Who curates all the things which we find at KacyWorld? What is your one personal favourite item that has been curated?

We are a team of multitaskers , we curate each and every design together, this is a step by step process which goes through every member .we follow more of our instinct than trend forecasts.

I have many personal favourites , it’s difficult to choose one but still just to name one i would say

There is this pair of earrings called The Elysian Earrings. I find that piece such a beauty. One need to pair a dress with it , rather picking up these up with a dress.

  1. Do you have any messages for our readers?

I would to say to the coming generation, Find your passion and work for it , work for it so hard that no one would be able to beat you in your genre and just be positive and Kind.



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