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Harry Potter Special: Meet Three Potterheads!


Well, it’s 31st July. And it’s the birthdays of The Boy Who Lived and the woman who created him: Harry Potter & J.K. Rowling. We had originally planned for this to be the last blog post of our Potter Special series but since we’ve had some amazing writers joining us pretty late, we’re planning to carry the party forward to August! 🙂

On Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s birthday we thought it would be only fitting to meet three Potterheads from across India, whose craft has been inspired by the boy wizard’s world. You’d be surprised by how talented all these three Potterheads are!



I’m Krittika here and I’m a huuuuge Potterhead. Infact, my whole family, including my dog (he’s called Dobby) are all Harry Potter Fans.In all my life, we have only booked first day first show tickets for HP. I make these miniature origami books… Besides, you can never have less of Harry Potter around you. 🙂 I am a fifth year architecture student from SPA Delhi. I’m voracious reader with an interest in origami and designing. I’m usually found reading, designing or creating things from origami.


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And you can buy these beautiful miniature books from, Etsy:


Chetana_HollaI was introduced to Harry potter when I myself was 11 and was completely sucked in to that world. I grew up with Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the students at Hogwarts. It was just like i went to that magical school. I’ve always revisited (reread) the series every year.

A little over a year ago I went out shopping and just bought a few craft essentials without really thinking about it. I had found out a couple of my colleagues at work like Harry Potter and I found a few chibi Potter pics online. Inspired by those I just made Harry first and then Ron and then Hermione. She and I put it up on instagram and a few people on Bookstagram fell in love with it.

I started with sending these bookmarks and other fandom related bookmarks and artwork across as a part of correspondence and on the insistence of friends i made on instagram created a separate account – Tsundoku Bookmarks for my bookmarks.

Golden_Trio Girl_Power_HP  

Weasley_Twins Dobby_Bookmark

You can get in touch with Chetana by checking out the Instagram Account – @tsundokubookmarks

or mailing her at – or stalk her personal Instagram Account – @chetanaholla


Anumita_GhoshMy name is Anumita Ghosh. Presently I am a fourth year student of Multimedia Department from St. Xaviers College, Kolkata. Since the past year I have also been the co-founder of The Indian Artist– a recently launched organization, to bring together budding artists from all over the country. We serve as a platform to connect, share the works and showcase the unique talents of its members.  I have been a potter-head for more than a decade now and I could not have been prouder.Apart from teaching me about love and friendship , Harry Potter has always made me instantly happy. Every year I religiously binge watch all the films and currently, I am reading the books as well.  Lastly I am a Gryffindor (according to Pottermore) and I believe in Magic.


And Anumita actually has a gift for all the other Potterheads out there. She made these amazing Harry Potter bookmarks…you can download it and print it for your own personal use. (Just shoot us a mail at and we’ll send it over to you!)

Here’s what the bookmarks look like: 


  You can follow Anumita on, Facebook:


and read her blog on WordPress:

So, there you have it. These were three Potterheads who used their love for the wizarding world to create things that is sure to bring all the Harry Potter fans joy! 🙂



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