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5 Favourite Christmas Movies


Yet another year has come to an end and the week before it ends is filled with festivities. Christmas has passed us by, and it had been the time to Fa La La La La..!

Being a Bengali who has spent all her winter vacations when in school, in erstwhile Calcutta, Christmas is as much a part of life as Durga pujo is. Living in different parts of the country of late, the festival is not celebrated in the same ways as it used to be. The saving grace has come in the form of Christmas movies which get telecast on different channels during this time of the year. I try to find my favourite movies most of which are usually shown practically every year, and that gives me my share of Christmas cheer.

Sharing few of my favourite Christmas movies with you. Would love to know yours, if they are different! 


The Polar Express – This, I’d seen as a grownup, in my early 20s. While the story was your usual – child doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, goes to sleep, has a dream and how his opinion changes – but the star of the movie was the drawing-animation. The painitings were so real and the animation with them, so clever. I think it’s been a decade that I’ve been watching it every single year!


Miracle on 34th Street – The original, of course. An Academy award winning movie, it stars Edmund Gwenn, Maureen O’Hara, and John Payne. When Santa is deemed insane, a young lawyer comes to defend him. Christmas goes to court and of course, wins! What is there not to love about this, watching it cuddled in a warm comforter!


Love Actually – Well, not exactly on the lines of the previous two I spoke about but Love Actually brings with itself all the mush that is needed with a warm mug of hot chocolate, warm clothes and feet snug inside a pair of socks on happy winter nights.

home_alone home_alone_2


Home Alone I & II – Childhood favourites, both the movies are actually how my imaginative mind had hoped my childhood would be. Adventurous and criminal fighting. Macaulay, the cutie, adds to be bucket of reasons to watch it every time it is on the television, specially now!






The Holiday – My friend Jane and I have this dreamy pact which I doubt will happen in real life, but with both our imaginations, I am sure we can spin a tale where we switch places and go live in each other’s houses and lives, for a holiday. Only, we will take our partners along – no scratch that – since it will be in the parallel world, it would be perfect if we meet our present day partners while on a holiday in each other’s towns! Yes, you must really love the story when you want to live in it!

These are five of my favourite Christmas movies. What about yours?


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