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Valentine’s Day: The Day We Celebrate Love

 For as long as I can remember (though I have a sketchy memory), I have celebrated Valentine’s Day and loved doing so. I have been pampered, celebrated and loved a little more on the 14th day of February and that is because I found the best Valentine – in me. 
​This might have a lot to do with the fact that I have incredibly, stupidly high-standards in men, rendering me single for a very long time- but hey! I am not complaining, at all.
Over the years I have grown to love myself a little more each passing ​day, and trust me, you should do too. The fact that you have made it through another day is achievement enough and a reason to respect yourself all that more. 
Every Valentine’s Day, I plan a super-chill date. Since I live alone, this is generally super-easy. I get my favourite food – Lots of junk, my fairy lights on and some HIMYM – DONE! I am not saying food and binge-watching a daily rom-com  is all you need to celebrate yourself – but if it makes you feel warm and cozy it is. Celebrate your love for yourself – do things that make you feel war, make you forget all the cares in the world, even if it is sleeping-in early or just read the latest issue of a crappy gossip magazine.
While I completely dismiss the concept of Valentine’s day being about the love between two partners, I stand by the fact that it is a celebration of love – and so what if it’s confined to one day?! Just love yourself a little more – you would be shocked to know how often we forget to do that.
This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love – for yourself!

Suhasini_Mitra Suhasini Mitra holds a BA in English honors from the University of Calcutta. She completed her MA from COMMITS, Bangalore. Presently she works for PlayRight.



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