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Things To Do On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single!

14 Feb is for couples who are madly in love!

Excuse me? Are you serious? Every calendar has the date 14 Feb and it is visible to everyone no matter if they are married, engaged, single or widowed! Why forcefully presenting it as a no-singles day? Why? Open a newspaper and you’ll see different companies with huge Valentine’s Day special discounts on their products. It will seem as if those discounts are only for couples and singles are forbidden from availing them. Open Facebook and you’ll be bombarded with extra-cheesy Valentine’s Day memes and wishes everywhere. Makes me sick!

These are the reasons why I thought I should come up with a ‘Singles’ Guide to Valentine’s Day’. However, if you are single then you don’t need a guide! I’ve listed a few things that you can do to celebrate your kind of Valentine’s Day.

Because, no matter what relationship status you have, you can always be your own Valentine!



Because if you are single, you are not going to get a break from your work! 14 Feb is just another Tuesday for you!



If you don’t have an office to attend and a boss to please, then book get yourself an appointment at a salon or spa and relax. This is the best way you can avoid your flooding Facebook timeline and never-stopping WhatsApp notifications.


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No matter how much you’ve grown up, your mom will always be your best friend. Take her out for lunch or dinner. Spend some time with her. Mother’s Day is not the only day to have a date with your mother; Valentine’s Day could be another one!



What is more de-stressing than an impromptu shopping session? There is always an excuse to go shopping!



Strike out all the romantic Bollywood movies from your list. Instead, go for thrillers and horrors. Give some healthy food to your brain cells.

Although I am in a relationship and I love how people celebrate Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write this article from a single’s perspective. I have no have no hard feelings for those who celebrate the day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

Editor’s Note: Just for the record, 13 Feb is also celebrated as Madly in Love with ME Day and 15 Feb is Singles’ Appreciation Day. 🙂 


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