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Send This To The Friend That Doesn’t Realize She Deserves Love

I’ve been thinking and overthinking a lot lately. About how much we have grown since we’ve met. We have always been pretty accepting about who we wished to be. Believe me, that will never change. Even if you decide to dye your hair a violent shade of pink tomorrow, I’ll still love you just as much … Continue reading

5 Gifts To Get Your Bookworm Partner!

One might assume that gifting bookworms is easy- you just buy a book and it’s done. But honestly, it’s not so easy after all, because even though we bookworms love hoarding books, we do have our specifications when it comes to deciding what we want to read. If you have a bookworm crush, partner, boyfriend/ girlfriend, husband/ wife, … Continue reading

5 Most Creative and Affordable Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There is nothing more joyous than creating a gift instead of buying one. We all want our loved ones to value our gifts, to admire then each and every second. This is true that handmade gifts are special because they always remind of our love, endeavour and dedication to our loved ones. I love gifting … Continue reading

Special: Christmas Alone

For as long as I can remember, Christmas has been my favourite festival after Pujo , of course. There’s just something so amazing about it- catching up, plum cakes, lights, Christmas Tree stuff and just the thought of having survived yet another year of lessons and blessings. As I grew up, Christmas became a festival … Continue reading

7 Awesome Things About Living Alone

You can create your own time zones on days off: Wake up at noon, sleep at 3 a.m.; who cares?! KFC for breakfast, lunch or dinner: Gourmet breakfast=last day’s leftover. Wear whatever, whenever: With no one to watch, you can wear the most awful clothes to snuggle in them or those flashy designers to make yourself feel … Continue reading