Alone in the City

7 Awesome Things About Living Alone

7 Things_Suhasini
  1. You can create your own time zones on days off: Wake up at noon, sleep at 3 a.m.; who cares?!

  2. KFC for breakfast, lunch or dinner: Gourmet breakfast=last day’s leftover.

  3. Wear whatever, whenever: With no one to watch, you can wear the most awful clothes to snuggle in them or those flashy designers to make yourself feel good.

  4. Stock of Chilled Beer, always: Open your fridge and they’ll greet you. What better way to end the day than that chilled bottle of froth?!

  5. Pass-out Passport: When you stay alone, you have the licence to pass out wherever in your house, it need not be your room!

  6. Dance like no one’s watching: Because no one is watching!

7: You are the boss: Living alone also teaches you to be responsible, to take initiative and be the leader. So while at it, make the most of it.




Suhasini Mitra holds a BA in English honors from the University of Calcutta. She completed her MA from COMMITS, Bangalore. Presently she works for PlayRight.



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