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5 Most Creative and Affordable Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There is nothing more joyous than creating a gift instead of buying one. We all want our loved ones to value our gifts, to admire then each and every second. This is true that handmade gifts are special because they always remind of our love, endeavour and dedication to our loved ones. I love gifting personalized items to my near and dears ones no matter what the occasion is. Even if I am running out of time, I don’t forget to attach a hand-written note to the present. I have a few ideas for you that you can try out for this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Love Notes in a Jar- I first saw this thing in Tumbler and immediately fell in love with the idea. How cute is it to write a jarful of messages for your loved one? A jar that will contain 365 small chits, a message for everyday throughout the year. This will cost nothing compared to the smile on your love’s face, every morning!Love Notes

  1. Fun Questionnaires- If you think your love life needs a little boost, you should try this. Make a sheet full of questions related to your life together and make him/her answer them. You can also do it together by preparing two sheets, one for you another for your loved one. You can also add fun questions like ‘If I were an ice-cream flavour, whatwould it be?’ Cheesy, but fun!Q&A_VDay
  2. Video Collage- This kind of seems very teenage-ish but something like this from your love would certainly make you happy, wouldn’t it? Gather all your memories together (pictures/videos) and turn them into a collage of memories. Add your favourite romantic songs, some messages or quotes and you are good to go!video_valentine
  3. DIY Photo frames- If your partner loves to have photos all around him/her then you can make a photo frame yourself. There are plenty of simple DIY photo frame ideas on Pinterest that you can try. My personal favourite would be a popsicle-stick photo frame, obviously because it is really easy and affordable. Don’t forget to insert a picture of yours into your photo frame!

Source: wikihow

  1. Monogrammed Candles- This is another pretty simple and affordable gifting option for you. You just need a candle, a scalpel, glue and some glitter. Take a pillar candle and etch the first letters of your names on it. Apply some glue to the engraved portion. Add glitter on top of the glue and let it dry. The result would be really great! If you are not a big fan of getting your hands dirty then just create a fancy label online, print it out and attach to the candle. It will give a similarly appealing result.


 These ideas are very affordable, easy and creative. All you need is just a little time. I am sure your partner would love the ideas and appreciate your efforts. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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