Lifestyle: 10 Things Only People Who Cannot Function Without Their Headphones Would Understand

The invention of Walkman definitely gave us constant access to music. It changed with time to MP3 Players, the iPod and finally…the smart phones. Now with apps like, Saavan, Amazon Music etc. we can listen to music constantly. We can even consume the data from YouTube! This means that while solo journeys now have music accompaniment along with your books, introverts have a shield protecting them from unwanted conversations and you can get completely lost in a world of your own. So if you like plonking in your headphones – here are ten things you would be able to relate to!

  1. You get a mini heart attack every time you’re unable to find your headphones in your handbag!

  2. You get more work done when you put on your headphones and dive headfirst into the agendas.

  3. Long journeys don’t bother you because you can get lost in your own world of music.

  4. You don’t like lending your headphones even if it’s for a brief period of time.

  5. You like purchasing cutesy things like headphone cases because…

  6. Your browser history is probably looking at fancy headphones that you want to buy someday.

  7. But you settle for the cheap headphones that you can buy from vendors!

  8. You hate it when your headphones stop working in the middle of the day, and it accounts for your bad mood.

  9. You have to buy the first pair of headphones you come across just to function again.

  10. You hate it when people tap you and interrupt you especially when you’re in the zone, and you have to take out your headphones just to understand the conversation.

If you notice closely, you will see that commuters have their headphones in and are more often than not lost in their own world. Headphones have made it easier for introverts to blend in, and extroverts to understand that silences can be welcome too at times. What other things do you relate to for being borderline addicted to your headphones?




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