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Food BUZZ: A Spring Recipe

What’s spring without some colour? Some smell of love,  some skipping heartbeats and a warm farewell to the last hint of cool in the air? Any transition can manage to melt my heart! And ever since I learnt to see through them,  I started looking for transitions everyday in perhaps everything. Now, you must be wondering why a food blogger is suddenly going all heart and mellow when all she needs to care about is the tummy and ways to please it.  Well you see, that’s what spring does to me,  or to many of us alike I guess- gently,  very gently tug at the strings of the heart! 

Winter 2017 was intense. Crisp,  brief but intense. And these blink – and – you – miss days of spring in Kolkata are unpredictable. You have the warmth and the breeze,  the humidity and the general lack of moisture all clubbed together. Dryness still lingers as a heavy December hangover. You don’t agree? Well,  your lips and ankles would,  for sure! You want something cool and juicy to gulp down yet large chunks of ice in your drink ain’t no option. 

A brief while in the kitchen this morning got me something to balance it out for you. For breakfast this morning, refreshing musk melon met rejuvenating strawberries! Let’s see what it does to our bodies – 
1. Both the fruits are rich sources of potassium that increases blood flow to the brain,  enhancing it’s functions by multiple folds. 
2. Musk melons regulate blood pressure and keep your guts moisturised and cool. 
3. Strawberries offer flavonoid, a variety of antioxidant your blood literally craves for! 
4. Helps to bring down menstrual cramps in a jiffy. 
5. Those who simply need to relax,  energize and pour in a healthy capsule of health –  try downing a glass full. 

To top it all,  we blend in yogurt,  honey (of course  l will talk about natural sweetener) and a few whole black pepper corns to strike that perfect balance! 

Just for an easy glance, we have the recipe for you:

Half musk melon (average size found in the market) de-seeded and chopped into small cubes. (beware of the juice blast the moment you dig the knife in) 
6/7 chunky strawberries 
Since I like them,  I chose to throw in some bananas ( 1small and optional) 
One and half table spoons of honey. 
I poured about 200 gms of yogurt,  you can size it up or down. 
5/6 whole pepper corns. If you like the spicy streak,  go ahead and dunk in some more. 

And that’s it!  Go blend blend blend! 
Easy,  smooth, rich and believe me an absolute delight for those who want to keep it healthy, joyfully!


About Indrani Banerjee

Indrani Banerjee completed her Master's from Jadavpur University in Comparative Literature and pursued theatre whole-heartedly there-after. She has worked with Zomato researching on food and culture for more than a year before freelancing for several food websites. She has discovered rare food joints in Varanasi, to her credit. She had also set up and entire city's food volume for Zomato, in her list of achievements. An avid reader and with food being almost always on her mind, she could do anything to whip up a quick curry, eat or write about it.


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