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Shorts: Dear Saree


Dear Saree,


Picture provided by writer.

I am very grateful to whoever had identified you for the first time to beautify a woman body in a wondrous way. Your 9 yards are so gracefully designed that any woman is going to look beautiful and sensuous.

I grew up living around the warmth of two beautiful women whom I have never seen without draping you, Thammi (Paternal Grandmother) and Maa (Mother). In my childhood I used to wonder how to carry so long a cloth all nicely without dropping (dropping what? dropping it?). My Thammi used to wear it without the pleats (aatpoure ~ which could be worn 9 prahar (times) of a day). While my maa wears it in Nivi style which is today’s most popular sari style from Andhra Pradesh, heavily pleated and pinned on the shoulder. So different from each other yet so beautiful.

I always like you in cotton. I can interact with you because of your softness, comfort, lightness, elegance and caressing drape. When I wear you in the busy streets and metros of Delhi I receive untamed stares from both men and women as if I have committed a crime. In an age when Honey Singh is forgetting about their great/grand/maa who used to wear only sarees, be it during a festival or a cycle ride. Now I feel sad as women look for a special reason to wear you, but I am sure again a time will come women can realise the artistry in you.

Thank you for making me feel so free whenever I wear you around my waist, you empower me.




Pradipta Mandal believes that winter is the season for love and for forgetting herself. She believes that smiling brings confidence, and her friends are her family. Parents are the foundation of her life. Currently working for arts education, as she believes art education empowers and brings confidence to people.



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