DIY: How to Make A TBR JAR at Home!

How To Make A TBR Jar Using Less Than 10 Items Which Are Easily Available At Home!

Hello, everyone. I have way too many books on my shelves which I haven’t read for years, so this year, I made a TBR jar for myself with names of books I’ve been wanting to read, but never could. The TBR jar idea is going great for me as I’m reading some marvels which I should have read long ago, but hey, better late than never, right? In today’s post, I’m going to share with you how to make your very and very pretty TBR jar.

This is my first ever DIY post, so I hope you all like it. Feedback will be appreciated!

What you will need:


An empty jar (it could be ANY jar- an old pickle jar, jam or Nutella jar- whatever you have; just make sure it’s clean)

Coloured papers

Glitter paper or decorative tape (optional)  

Letters (optional; you could always cut the coloured paper into alphabets or simply write using sketch pens, glitter pens, paints or crayons)

Small decoration material (optional)


Glue gun or any glue, cello tape, scissors

The steps:

Cut any coloured paper as per the size of your jar and stick/ tape it.

Take another coloured paper and cut it in a size smaller than the previous one and stick/ tape it on it. (This step is optional.)

On the second layer of paper (or the first one, if you skip the second layer), stick/ draw/ paint the letters T, B, R and J, A, R (this word is optional).

Take decorative tape or cut glitter paper in two thin strips to add as border.

If you wish, add small decorative material on the jar and finally, tie a ribbon just below the lid to make it pretty! (Again, optional.)

If the jar of your lid has anything on it, cut a circle of the same shape and stick it on that to cover it up.

That’s all! Your TBR jar is ready.

Now just write the names of books you wish to read and out them all in the jar. Pick one up and get reading!


So get creative and happy reading!

Aside from being a Potterhead and still trying to figure the (Muggle) world out, Sarika Patkotwar is an avid reader who is also the co-founder and co-owner of The Readdicts Book Blog, where she reviews and promotes books. Having done her Masters in French with literature as specialisation, she now teaches the language- something she always wanted to do. Absolutely mad about food and dogs, Sarika is usually seen exploring her creative side in her free time. She goes by the name SarikaP8 on most social media sites, in case you’d like to say hi.



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