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TV: Angels of Rock – A Must Watch


Four Bollywood singers set on a musical journey on their bullets, that’s Angels of Rock in a crux for you people! If somebody has got what ‘Women Empowerment’ exactly is…it’s the creator of this show. Watch this show for its concept, to know these beautiful stories, to get inspired, learn from them and for their undying spirit.

Angels Of Rock on mtv

So here’s celebrating the spirit of womanhood, their lives, their journey, stories of finding courage and discovering themselves amidst all the hardships. Sunsilk and MTV present #AngelsOfRock!

An all girl crew on a road trip to share stories of amazing women’s across the length and breadth of the nation with the world is a reason fascinating enough to follow this show?  It definitely is! It is liberating not only for them but also for the people watching it. And trust me when you watch these 4 angels ride their bullets from Mumbai-Rajasthan-Gujarat-Haryana-Punjab-to the places they are yet to cover, across the National Highways like a boss you get a feel what this show would be all about.

Angels of Rock

It is about learning, overcoming your fears, helping each other rise and celebrate our success together. It is breath of fresh air for the fact that there is one show that shows women as they really are…women can be friends and there certainly is not a cat fight going all the time. At least not in life that happens outside bollywood 😉

They are angels and they are made of rock? Oh yeah! That’s how women are…strong yet vulnerable, attached yet detached, giving yet forgiving. So these angels have picked up stories they want to share with the world. They go to these places, meet the ladies, hear their stories and compose a song for them. Every story is covered in 2 days each and sometimes 1 also. The crew is pretty much on the go all the time.

They have covered such amazing causes. From Rudi no Radio-Female Sarpanch-Piplantari-Fire fighters-Hockey team-Pink auto drivers. Meet these tough, successful women, learn from them and listen beautiful songs made for them. Watch it to believe it!

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