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Movie Review: Stree

Even from its trailers we knew that this Rajkumar Roa-Shraddha Kapoor starrer would be a delight to watch. We were not wrong! The tag line itself was enough to pique our curiousity. Especially because of the genre the movie is categorised in: horror comedy.

Stree starts off as an every day story in the tiny village of Chanderi where flies a ridiculous rumour. There’s a lady ghost who kidnaps men during the festival time and only their clothes remain. No one knows what she wants. Vicky doesn’t believe in this rumour at all and disbelieves everyone who tells him to be careful of Stree.

In the interim, Shraddha Kapoor arrives in the village to ask him to make her a ghagra choli. Vicky and his nameless friend develop quite the friendship with each other, with her writing him a letter in which she asks him to gather certain ingredients.
While one of his friends is convinced his new girlfriend is Stree, the other one encourages his new romantic endeavours.

The plot twist of this movie is one that was pretty hard to predict. But it was a good movie. Funny and filled with scary elements.
What I particularly loved about the movie were Rajkumar Rao’s expressions. That really made the movie standout for me. I had liked him since Queen, and it’s just gotten better with time.

Stree is still running in theatres. So do catch the movie if you have time!



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