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Movie Review: Sierra Burgess is a Loser

It was the amount of hate that Sierra Burgess is a Loser received that intrigued me to finally find the movie on my Netflix list and watch it a couple of days ago. I had seen the trailer of course. Because Noah Centineo has definitely blown up after his stint in Camilla Calebo’s Havana music video! (I had liked him as the replacement Jesus of course in The Fosters – but most people weren’t onboard that idea, having a devoted fan following towards Jake T. Austin, a legacy of Wizards of Waverly Place.

I have seen the tweets that have called out the movie on different aspects. And while I agree being overweight is not an excuse for being evil – I can also understand how a teenager’s brain works. Our first thoughts even as adults are never rational. The only difference is we are able to hold back and not act on it.

Sierra Burgess starts off as all teenage coming-of-age movies do, with the titular character getting ready for war. Err…I mean school, but honestly – same difference, right?

Personally, I quite enjoyed this coming of age movie. It deals with the extremely problematic thought of how people sometimes misjudge you on the grounds of things that shouldn’t matter – e.g. your looks. Sometimes the right person to be with you could be right under your nose and you have no idea.

In Sierra, the characters themselves call out the various aspects of the movie. In no way do they glorify catfishing because her best friend is against the idea from day one. Veronica just goes along with it because she seems bored. Out of all the characters, hers was the one which had the most interesting story arc.

We do understand, however, why Sierra pretending to be deaf and dumb annoyed and offended people. It really is not okay to pull such stunts – but once again, let me remind you, she is a teenager. And they don’t always act rationally! Therefore it wasn’t the best route but it could have been handled differently.

If you are on the lookout for watching something light and breezy on Netflix this weekend, Sierra Burgess is a Loser could be the one for you!

P.S. – Special mention of the original song in the movie, ‘Sunflower‘.



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