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Movie Review: Akuri….and a pinch of hope

Akuri Poster 2-1

Movie: AKURI….and a pinch of Hope

Director: Jamshid Roointon

Cast: Darshan Gokani, Sushant Kandya, Firdaus Mevawalla

Runtime: 20 minutes

Production House: Axis Jump Films

Release date: 20th March 2017

The Review:  

When I was offered the chance to watch a short film before its release I was a little apprehensive. So far, the only short films I’d seen were the ones customized for YouTube. I wasn’t sure how I’d like Akuri….and a pinch of hope. I took my chances and I’m extremely glad that I did!

This 20-minute short film focuses on Cyrus Irani (Darshan Gokani) who comes into Military Café to have his favourite dish, Akuri. But for some reason he’s unable to find a table for himself and is forced to share space with the brooding Sadiq Sheikh (Sushant Kandya). The way he begins talking to Sadiq, one would assume that they are friends or at least acquaintances. But as the story progresses you realize that it isn’t so.


The movie has a very positive message and I would urge everyone who is on the brink of giving up on their dreams to watch it. The actors have played their part brilliantly. Akuri has been very tastefully made, it teaches you the meaning of life without preaching about it.

Personally speaking, we would love to know what happens afterwards. But I guess sometimes things should be left to the viewer’s imagination!

Special mention needs to be made of the song “Hope Ki Rope” which was penned by Shubhankar and Shaan lent his voice. The words tend to echo long after once finishes watching Akuri.


We wish Jamshid Roointon all the success and happiness, and hope he manages to spread the amazing message that he set out to via his movie! We look forward to seeing more delightful films by him as well. 😊



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