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Movie Review: Frozen

“The skies awake, so I’m awake.” And six year old Anna’s voice is going to echo through your mind until she’s show to have grown into a rather harum-scarum young woman. The story of Frozen is a simple one. One of two sisters: the elder of which, Elsa, has been born with the special power of producing ice at will.

Elsa and Anna are very close when they are little but a fatal accident forever changes their lives. As tragedy strikes the heart of Arandale, Anna desperately reaches out to her sister for help and guidance, and mostly love. But fearing that she might hurt her sister with her powers again, Elsa withdraws further into her shell.

Things begin to look bright and cheerful when the day for Elsa’s coronation dawns. But as anyone could have guessed, things begin to fall apart the minute they seem have been coming together. An unexpected fight with her sister, Anna, causes the newly crowned Queen Elsa, to lose control of her powers and set off an eternal winter.

Frozen is the tale of two sisters who battle all odds to find their ways back into each other’s lives again.


The characters are all very well fleshed out. Our hero, Kristoff, is the perfect gentleman and his reindeer, Sven, is completely adorable. You are also going to be bewitched by the charm of Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. And laugh hysterically at Olaf, the snowman.

But mostly you are going to love Elsa and Anna, and their adorably different outlooks on life. If happen to have an elder or a younger sister, you will be able to relate to this movie even more strongly.

As an animated movie from Disney it lives up to the trailers that had flooded YouTube and Facebook. The songs in the movies are very catchy and special mention ought to be made of “Let It Go” that has inspired so many other singers to cover the song.

I have only one word for the movie: brilliant.

All in all, Frozen is a one hour forty two minute movie, and every minute is worth it. You might even get addicted to this movie.

Swarnali_Das Swarnali Das is currently wrapping up her MA in English from the University of Calcutta. She runs the blog, Dreams and Drama, along with her pen-pal turned bestie, Arpita Mahapatra. She is also a book reviewer for A lot of Pages and a blogger for Half-Baked Beans. Along with Aniesha Brahma, she belongs to blogger fraternity of Four Seasons as well.



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