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Interview: Minu Marie Mathew


Hi Minu, thank you for taking the time out to talk to BUZZ Magazine.


  1. First things first: what was the inspiration for starting ART-ery?

I wanted to do something on my own, most importantly, with a strong brand message. “Express your inner self with a piece of art and celebrate the woman in you” is ART-ery’s brand message.

We do not do sizes at ART-ery. Hence, we zeroed down on Fashion Accessories as it clearly fits into the concept of “One size fits all”.

  1. You made quite a splash on the local newspapers with ART-ery. What is it about ART-ery that makes everyone come to you?

ART-ery, as intended to be from inception,is something which every woman would relate to. The concept is to be yourself and every piece of ART from ART-ery has something which will help you embrace some part of your personality.earrings

The products are handmade or personally curated to fit the liking of women who believe in themselves. Luckily the concept was well received mostly for its simplicity.

  1. We know you love travelling. Does ART-ery help you go to new cities and visit old ones? What has the journey been like – mixing business with the happiness of travelling?

From procuring raw materials and jewellery to participating in various exhibitions and craft fairs, all stages of my job involve travelling which is the best part of the job. Moreover, it helps me stay inspired and also keeps the collection at ART-ery up-to-date and vibrant.

  1. Besides ART-ery, what else do you like to do? What would be your advice to youngsters looking to become young entrepreneurs?

I love travelling, occasionally write about my travel, I enjoy good food and wine and I am also a fitness and wellbeing enthusiast.

My advice to Youngsters would be to be spontaneous and take the plunge. The more thinking you do the more delay there will be.

  1. If you weren’t running ART-ery, what do you think you would have been your alternate career choice?

    Floral_GoldI am thoroughly enjoying my journey wth ART-ery, getting involved with various areas of the brand building like sourcing, marketing, inventory management and so on. I am also exposed to various related fields like photography and modelling. Recently, I was called to speak to the students of a fashion college about Entrepreneurship and that got me thinking that I could possibly become a good teacher.

  1. We have known each other for quite some time over the social media now. Would you say that social media really helps when you’re trying to start something new?

Social media has rewritten how businesses work. The majority of our clients connect to us on Facebook/Instagram which is a more personal platform. The more you interact in a responsive online forum the fear of online shopping also goes away.Gunj

  1. In the last one year, what was the biggest turning point for you?

Birth of ART-ery was definitely the most notable turning point last year. Also moving to a smaller town after living in  Metro for over 7 years has made a difference.

6. Does running your own business give you more time for yourself or does it demand more time?
I remember the time I would schedule my daily work into shifts at my previous job but now with my own business, I think it’s a 24×7 job. It demands more time, the different being you are happy giving that time.

  1. necklace_minuFinally, thank you once again for talking to BUZZ Magazine. We wish you all best for ART-ery.

My association with Buzz magazine has always been wonderful. Feels amazing from being a travel content contributor to being interviewed is great !

You can connect with Minu Marie Mathew via her social media accounts: Instagram|Facebook Page, and you can buy ART-ery’s awesome stuff via



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