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Interview: Alicia Souza


Hi Alicia, first of all, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to BUZZ Magazine.


  1. You are an illustrator based out of Bangalore, and with your own merchandise. What first sparked the idea to make your hobby into a business?

I think I kind of fell into it. I never really wanted to get into products after I started freelancing, but we did a mini stall at an event and it did superbly well. Then for months after that, I got inquiries for products and realised that I was wasting an opportunity. So I started my product line.

  1. Let’s ask you the most clichéd question of all times. What inspired you to become an illustrator?

Haha! I think it wasn’t just one thing. I realised when I was studying Communication design, that if I was entering the field, I could only do it as an illustrator or not be in the field at all. So initially, I wasn’t in the field at all!

  1. Your illustrations are really cute and always in tune with what your followers might be going through. Was that a conscious decision?

Thank you. Actually, my illustrations are in tune to what I’m going through. I’m just a regular Jane, so a lot of people resonate with my daily feelings and thoughts.

  1. RealisationsIn a world that encourages you to take up traditional jobs, how different is it to be an illustrator and how rewarding do you find your unconventional job to be?

It’s definitely super satisfactory. Every single day is exciting and I don’t remember the last time I was bored. On the other hand, it’s also a bit hard initially. I had to struggle to not only get out of my comfort zone but do things I would have otherwise palmed off. Also, explaining what you do for a living wasn’t the most comforting to people who cared about you because it didn’t seem like it would pay the bills.

  1. Let_GoTo be honest, BUZZ Magazine heard about you when a lot of our subscribers began sharing their colored pages of your LET GO calendar on Instagram. How did you come up with that idea?

So this is actually my second colour-in calendar. The first one I did was 2 years ago, called The Grateful Calendar where you have 365 little things you get to colour in daily that you can be grateful for. It was so popular that this year I figured another colour-in calendar was an order but this time where we spent a little more time on each. I realised that to let go of mental blocks, one needs to acknowledge it, think about it and then let go. Since colouring is a meditative process, it seemed like the perfect activity to do while one dwells on these suggestive ‘let go’s’. And that’s how the calendar came to be!

  1. We find you to be extremely active both on Instagram and Facebook, but mostly in the former. Is there any particular reason why you prefer Instagram more?Alicia_Charlie

Actually, I’ve only been active on Instagram for a year or less! But I’m a little more active there because I can post on Instagram and share it on Facebook as well. Also, the application is a bit faster than Facebook on my phone. I love both the platforms but I also tend to find people are a little more quickly responsive on Instagram but more connected on Facebook.

  1. Batman_superman_badgeWhen you were growing up, do you have any particular memory that guided you to take up this path of being an illustrator?

Art wasn’t a big part of my life growing up, which is why I still find it strange that I’m in the field! But I do recall the school art teacher taking me aside and convincing me to take it seriously as a career because I did the school magazine cover so enthusiastically. That was the start of me considering it as a career.

  1. Do you plan to draw a graphic novel some day? Maybe based on your own life?

I do! Maybe not my whole life but incidents and parts of it! The only hiccup is that I’m a bit impatient!

  1. And one last clichéd question, what was the turning point in your journey so far as an illustrator?

Well, being stone cold broke when I just started out, was the turning point in my life, not only as an illustrator but as a person as well. It humbles me till today to know my beginnings and also made me work hard from the first day itself.

Thank you so so much.

You can connect with Alicia Souza via her social media accounts: Instagram|Facebook Page and purchase her cool Mother’s Day merchandise by logging onto:

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