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Home Decor: 10 Multi Utility Storage Ideas

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It is always a delight when we can plan to smartly make the best use of what’s available, and to make sure everyday essentials add up to more than what just meets the eye. Gazala gives you 10 ideas to make your home essentials multi-utilitarian.

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, there are some omnipresent problems that trouble all of us. We all have an ever-growing need for storage, or we often fall short of seating at a party, where are we going to accommodate the unexpected visitor overnight? These are just a few of the concerns that pop up more often than not. Here are ten items that you can purchase or maybe re-use to make them your multi utility go-to when in doubt.

  1. Modular furnitureseat+table+storage

Modular furniture is your best friend if you are dealing with compact spaces. India, like the rest of the world is quickly catching up on essentials that are easy to assemble and disassemble and are multi utilitarian. Considering how space is a constraint now, it is an intelligent option to resort to. Whether it’s a sofa –cum-bed or a table set that can be re arranged to become seating or storage, the options are innovative and look very trendy just the same.

  1. Hang it allhang it all 2

 First devised by the Eames duo, hang it all is a must have for all homes. It is a decorative essential, that comes in varied designs. What sets it apart is the fact that it accommodates just about everything from hats, and coat, to bags and jewelry too. It is beautiful to look at, and is very useful for temporary vertical storage.  There are many evolved versions of these hang it alls that are pretty and useful all at the same time.  Towel rods, magnetic strips etc are also a great for vertical storage, depending on what you wish to use them for and you can be assured they come in handy for a variety of purposes- you just need to put your mind to it.

hang it all-1

 3.Coffee table with storage/display.

Another idea that we have taken to quite well is having storage housed in our coffee table. As much as we love the frail, delicate looking coffee tables, a smart table with a display or storage unit is just so much more useful considering how we are always running out of space. Stack away your newspapers, magazines, books, mini seats or even have a mini bar display in your coffee table !

coffee table-2

4.Collapsible essentials


When you are really pressed for space, collapsible home essentials are a great idea. From folding chairs to foldable shoe storage, the market is abuzz with readily available items that serve an array of purpose, more than just the mere purpose it’s made for. Also, wall mounted shelves that can be bolted into the wall, or play around with a few wooden slats and some ropes and voila- you have temporary vertical storage that you can dismantle very quickly and can be re-used for different purposes. With so many creative ideas at one’s disposal, even foldable chairs have become vertical storage ideas!

  1. Multi-purpose home essentialsindoor_outdoor_petInstead of going for the big bulky storage units that can be used in the most traditional way. Go for storage racks that have a 180 degree access. Using a storage unit that is dedicated to a particular cause is redundant, instead opt for a unit that can be what you want it to be- a book self, a shoe rack or a unit to show off your fine cutlery, it has to MULTI TASK! Same goes for stools that can double up as side tables, or even vertical storage when done right. MULTI TASK, that’s the key here.
  1. Pet friendly furniture


If you have a pet at home, arrange your storage or furniture in such a way that it doubles up as a fun activity or a lounging space for your furry friends. Arrange your wall shelves in a playful manner to create a playful maze for them (safety measures are of essence) or create crazy nooks that can double up as temporary storage too.

7.Step Ladders

ladderStep ladders are extremely essential for any home to function smoothly. But it’s not every day that you need to reach that shelf high up there. So why not use them as book shelves, or pot holders instead of opting for more clutter!?


crates- wall storageIt is always ideal to consider buying home décor that can be used both indoors and outdoors. True enough, you cannot use your suede adorned sofas outdoors, but those side tables or racks can totally be pushed around, and must be chosen to do just that.

9.Crates / baskets /drawers to the rescue!

drawers- multi utlityUsed crates, old wire baskets and even discarded drawers make for fantastic wall storage! With little alteration, and the help of some nails and hammers these cheap, easily accessible yet sturdy items make for fantastic laundry storage, book shelves, kitchen storage etc.

  1. Trunk trivia!

Trunk_FootOld trunks and suitcases have given way to fancy, easy to manage travel bags. But if you have one of those around, they make for great coffee tables, side tables, even wall shelves and foot stools. Need I say more, or is your mind already working on an overdrive to get down to work already?!

All in all, the idea is opt for something not too bulky , but sturdy all the same. Go for something that is easy accessible, easy to manage – assemble and disassemble, is totally game to experiment with and of course it should be pocket friendly.



Gazala Amreen is an architect by qualification, who finds solace in words . Books are her go to, to escape into her happy place. She is an avid bibliophile, blogger and co- founder of The Biblio Box. Oh, did she forget to mention that she’s pursuing architectural journalism and writing all things design? 



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