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7 Times Regina Showed Us She’s More Than Just An Evil Queen


Yes, she activated the dark curse, put hold on happy endings of all of our beloved fairy tale characters, cursed the entire realm and brought them to the world without magic. But, Regina, The Evil Queen from ABC’s hit show, Once Upon A Time, has also been the one who lost more, was cursed more, was used more than anyone else. She was a good soul once until her mother ripped her lover Daniel’s heart out and killed him in front of Regina. Regina blamed snow white because snow couldn’t keep a secret from Cora. In her quest to vengeance she killed so many people, destroyed so much, all for her own happy ending. A happy ending she was denied.


But that was past; today Regina is epitome of inspiration for many. She has truly come a long way from being the evil queen.

Regina a daughter:

Before she became the evil queen she was a daughter who constantly tried to win her mother’s love. Cora and Regina never had a good mother-daughter relationship. Cora always wanted Regina to live a certain life and she did everything in her power to make Regina what she wanted her to be. It won’t be wrong to say Cora has a big hand in making Regina evil.




Regina a mother :


If it hadn’t been for Henry then Regina would have never tried changing for good. The love for her child made Regina see what wrong she had been doing for so long. It was for Henry that she kept a control on her darkness and became the person she was always supposed to be. She has gone great lengths just to prove Henry she can be a mother Henry deserves.


Regina a lover:

It was her first love Daniel’s death that made Regina embrace evilness. This is enough to prove how passionate lover she is.


She tried getting back Daniel to life innumerable times but she had to let go.


Then came Robin Hood her soul mate. Even with robin life wasn’t easy. Their relationship was tested time and again and every time their love grew instead of diminishing.

Regina a friend:

Once Regina decided she was going to turn good, she did everything in her hands to help people. Snow White became her friend.


And so did Emma. From being arch enemies to beer buddies, that’s a lot of bonding! Regina helped the Charmings whenever they needed her. Going to The Underworld to retrieve hook is just an example how far she can go to help her friends. She is not good at hope talk like snow but she has a way to remind people who they are when they need it the most.


Regina a savior:

Regina always had dark magic, but when she started helping people her magic turned to light. And thus, she was able to save the day with her light magic. She not only defeated Zelena many times but also helped the Charmings in getting Emma back from the darkness.


Regina a hero:

She defeated Zelena, broke the curse by giving Henry true love’s kiss. She became a hero. When Emma was consumed by the darkness, she was the only hope of Storybrooke. She worked hard to save everyone from the dark ones. It was she who reminded hook what kind of man he wanted to be.


Regina a sister:


No one would like to have a sister like Zelena. Cora had to give up on Zelena just after her birth. Zelena-the wicked witch of oz wanted to take revenge on Regina for Cora’s doing. Zelena tried to kill Regina but when she failed she instead got in the way of her love robin. Zelena took advantage of Robin in most devious way possible. Regina not just forgave her but also helped her in becoming a good person.


Good can come from broken is her mantra and like her we truly believe in giving people a second chance.

So, long live REGINA.



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