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12 Times John Green Quotes Made Sense in Life


When I was first introduced to John Green I did not know what to expect from the author. He had been around for quite sometime but it was not until he wrote his story, The Fault in Our Stars, that John Green rose to international stardom. He was a YouTuber along with his brother Hank Green, before taking up a career in writing. Of course he continues to be a YouTuber but…here are 12 times that lines from John Green’s books made total sense in life!

1. When you realized that no matter how much everyone loves you, they will sometimes hurt you.



 2. When you needed to console yourself because your crush didn’t like you back.



3. When you realized not everything is as rosy as it seems: 



4. When you realized you could be friends with/fall in love with polar opposite people.


5. When you are too scared to come out of your comfort zone but then suddenly become brave, and then there’s no looking back! 


6. You can idolize someone. But their realities might be completely different from what you think.


7. No matter how much you plan things out, things will not go in your favour. Learn to take it in your stride.



8. You only live once. 


9. There’s no point in holding grudges.


10. You miss people. Sometimes terribly.


11. The same little incident is remembered by everyone in their own way. 

John Green_11

12. Sometimes all you need to tell someone is what they need to hear.


There are tons of other John Green quotes which hits you right in the heart and makes you believe no other writer could have understood what you felt. Here’s hoping he hurries up and releases another novel into the world. Because the world needs more stories from John Green. The world needs to read more lines that would help it understand this thing called ‘life’ much better.

What are your favourite John Green quotes? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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