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Book Review: The Shadow of Darkness

About the Book: When Maya fought two criminals one night and saved herself and her five year old daughter, Sejal, she thought the worst was over. But was it really? Or, there could be something worse than the worst? The childhood trauma that little Sejal did not deserve resulted in nightmares, trust issues and bizarre habits. Even after thirteen long years, the night continues to haunt and debilitate her senses with its magnificence, and as if it wasn’t enough, an encounter with the remains of past slips her deep into a treacherous darkness.

Sejal has a loving family, a comfortable life yet disappointment is the only thing now echoing inside her. Will its shadow ever leave her side? Then we see a shining light in the dark brooding sky – Kartik. Is he the answer to her quest of peace? Will Sejal be able to find love, strong enough to fight all odds and bring her out from the darkness? Will the light of hope win over its foes?

The Shadow of Darkness holds answer to every question.

About the Author: Priyanka Baranwal has authored It’s Never Too Late…to fight against your biggest enemy: Fear. She loves reading, writing, blogging, poetry, playing Guitar, music, travelling, and jogging. She is also the owner of Pick’A Book Club – For Kids which she runs from home. The club has been founded in order to instil love for book reading in kids. The Shadow of Darkness is her second book.

Priyanka currently lives in Bangalore.

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The Review: The problem with every writer is the fact that they are impatient. Personally, I have had these lines of thoughts when reviewers failed to keep dates for my reviews. We sometimes forget that the issues discussed in the books might be difficult for other people to read through. That what seems like the most natural thing in the world to us, might be a battle for others! I remember having nightmares after reading It Happened One Night, Priyanka Baranwal’s debut novel.  Because it was a well-crafted story but the issues that it dealt with was difficult for me. Even though I know this is harsh reality – I needed more time that an average person to deal with it.

The same happened with The Shadow of Darkness. After I finished reading the book, I sat alone and thought through the entire story. Hats off to Priyanka for writing a story that no doubt proved quite challenging to write! The story of Sejal is one that often doesn’t get told. Because people do not care much about victims once the story is done. The PTSD comes from being attacked, the repressed memories – everything has turned her life upside down. Her best friend, Diya, is overprotective and every other character in the story has a significant role to play. Especially all the friends and family. I loved the character of Kartik even though playing Prince Charming to Sejal’s damsel in distress was a little clichéd. Even though one would hope that nightmares don’t repeat themselves – Sejal was handed the shorter end of the stick.

If she actually manages to overcome all the obstacles is something you would have to pick up the book for yourself and read to find out. 🙂

The book cover was nicely done. And besides the fact that the book could have done with another round of editing, we have no complaints. We are glad that the author has provided a lot of useful information for people who might need help.

We admire Priyanka for taking on a truly difficult issue and starting a conversation through her writing. We hope to see many more of her works in the future.



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