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Book Review: The Secret of the Sea

The Secret of the Sea on Goodreads BOOK SUMMARY:

A fast-paced suspense thriller set in the Indian state of Goa. 

Inspector Pinto receives a call one evening, about a new case. A young college student Namita is murdered at Morjim beach in Goa and her body is found floating in the sea. Inspector Pinto leads the investigation, only to discover a shocking secret. Namita’s murder exposes a startling truth. 

Who wanted Namita dead and why? Follow Inspector Pinto in this fast-paced crime thriller set in Goa, as he finds out… 


Release date: November 8th 2017
Page numbers: 170
When I interviewed my classmate from college and now author, Tanya Dias on the blog, I was very curious to know more about her book, The Secret of the Sea, which I was delighted to know about. I always am very apprehensive about reviewing books for friends, because I don’t like to be biased and also because I don’t want to find or say anything negative, but I thought I should just give Tanya’s book a try and see how it goes.
The Secret of the Sea is the story of Inspector Caji and a case that isn’t filed in his police station but that has him curious anyway. The death of a young girl, Namita Kulkarni, shakes the entire state of Goa, and has everyone on the edge of their seat as people want to know what happened.
I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well Tanya writes, because clearly, I was thrown into the story from the first chapter itself. The Secret of the Sea did not seem like it was her first book. Tanya’s writing was simple and precise, which is exactly how I like my stories to be, as there’s no unnecessary interruption and drama.
Moving from the writing, the story telling was neat and extremely intriguing. I usually don’t read mysteries because they are very easy to figure out, but with The Secret of the Sea, I found myself moving with Inspector Caji as every person introduced in the book seemed like a suspect, and the end result was slightly disappointing but truly mysterious and well done.
What I liked the most about The Secret of the Sea was the insight that I got into how the police and journalism departments work in controversial times. That was something that really stuck with me. I sure am looking forward to more of Inspector Caji’s adventures, because I’m sure they’ll be just as interesting and daring as this one.
Overall, this book is short, simple, gripping and impressive for a first time author. I would definitely recommend this one to fans of short mysteries.
*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Tanya Dias in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


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