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Book Review: Lez Just Not Only Be Friends

The Story:

Les jus not be only friendz (1) is based on relationships and various phases of a graduate student’s life. The novel is set in Noida (NCR) in the time-period of 2009 – 2011.

The novel tells the story of a young, average performer and simple middle-class guy, who in desperate bid to not join his father’s profession of selling mechanical spare parts in a small town, comes to Delhi after graduation to study in a Film school, hoping to make it big and become successful in a short time span. 

Aakash opts to stay with his old school friend Dhiru and his trouble making friends, who were perusing engineering from Noida. Before he could sink with the feel of Delhi NCR, he falls for a girl named Neha and finds him swept away by love and varied emotions. Dhiru does not like the progress in Aakash and Neha’s blooming relationship and consistently tries to act as second fiddle.

In order to save his friendship with Dhiru and in seeking Neha’s love, Aakash goes through various troublesome phases, which test him over time and eventually changes him from a shy and simple person to a completely different kind.

Towards the end, in order to prove his true love to Neha, Aakash accidentally ends up doing something that he had never dreamed of. The incident terribly jeopardizes their relationship. Will they ever get back to each other?

About the Author:

Vikash SharmaVikash Sharma was born in Haryana in 1987. He has travelled various states of India, to explore about the lives of people, places, languages, cultural differences, festivals, religions, and the rest.

He currently lives in Mumbai. He is a freelance writer, photographer, traveller, producer and a filmmaker. He believes in wandering, seeking happiness in small things, and sharing it with people.

‘Les just not be only Friendz (I)’ is his first novel. He is currently working on the second part of the trilogy of ‘Les just not be only Friendz.’

Get in touch with him:

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The Review:

Book_Cover_Les_Just_NotFirstly, I apologize for posting this review rather late. I had finished reading the book a long time back but I never got around to sitting down and writing down what I felt after I was done. Vikash Sharma’s debut novel, Lez Just Not Only Be Friends (1) is a coming of age story of a guy who is severely lost in life until he meets the one girl who can change it all. Sounds a bit clichéd, doesn’t it?

What I liked about the story was the fact that Aakash and Neha manage to hold their own in a world that always seems to work against them. The real elements of the story were perhaps the struggle between Dhiru and Neha, and Aakash being caught in the middle. It is, after all, an all too familiar scenario that most of us have seen in our lives. Most of us do not approve of our friend’s boyfriends and girlfriends and vice versa.

While I would have expected to be taken deeper into the heart of the story, I understand this is part of the series and the first book is merely laying the groundwork for what comes next. Being as Bengali as can be, I struggled a little with India’s first Hinglish novel. But I appreciate that Hindi wasn’t all that hard for me to grasp.

The one thing that I will say is Vikash Sharma’s writing shows a lot of potential and I sincerely wish him all the best for the novel and his future endeavours. We should expect more stories from this budding author!



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