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Author Interview: Kavipriya Moorthy

  1. First things first: how did you take up writing?

I would call it affinity, whatever I do and wherever I go, I was always noted for my flair for writing. I didn’t take it seriously until I had to take a decision in terms of survival. I wanted solace, and luckily, writing offered and still offers everything that I ever need.

  1. What was your very first attempt at creative writing?

My first attempt was extremely silly, it was about a stapler. It read “I kissed those divorced papers away and they fell in love, all over again!” that was when I was encouraged by my college hostel roommates and in a matter of 10 years, am here now!

  1. Where did you get the ideas for your stories?I usually travel alone, and I ensure I pay keen attention to things that happen around me. I try to see things in a different way. I observe things,  I write down the lessons that I see, hear or go through. I don’t like writing real-life stories, I don’t find them interesting. So, I pick the lessons-learnt of the year and weave my story. And, it works!
  1. What in particular gave you the idea for I don’t wear Sunscreen? IDWS_KM

As I said earlier, the idea is from one of my life lessons. The pain of betrayal hit me hard and I wove a different story with different characters, holding on to the lesson as the base theme of the novel.

  1. Do you have particular schedules or writing routines when it comes to your work?

I try to write an hour every day but I don’t force myself. If I don’t feel like writing, I just don’t write. I love writing when nobody’s around, so I usually write post 2:00 A.M

  1. A lot of authors are taking the indie publishing route. What’s your view about it?

To each their own, each type of publishing has its pros and cons. I am now testing waters with different types of publishing. Am done with vanity, kindle, and the next novel would be traditionally published. I would experiment self-publishing next year. To me, it is after all one life and having chosen writing, I want to experience everything!

  1. If your story got turned into a movie, who would you like to see star as leads?

I have not thought of it so far, maybe, Kangana Ranaut and Vidya Balan would be fitting choices.

8.What are your future plans for writing? Can you give out a teaser or two for your readers?

My next novel is “Dirty Martini” it is a contemporary romance/erotica. A novel that I am working on for last 1.5 years, I have scraped away and re-written it thrice to ensure it comes out well.

Dirty Martini is a cliché breaker on many levels. Firstly, my lead character is a woman who owns her sexuality and talks out loud that she likes to have sex. Secondly, the characters are practical enough to handle their lives better. It has nothing bitter/cry worthy! Third, the novel doesn’t shadow or demark anyone, they are just human and reason out that things don’t work as expected, and one who is not right to a person can fit in perfectly with another.

  1. Do have any particular authors who inspire your work?

David Nicholls, Nicholas Sparks and Devika Fernando are my inspiration. I read their books like bible! I love David’s word play, Nicholas’ relationship handling and Devika’s diction that elates a normal story to a different plane altogether. 

  1. What would your advice be to aspiring authors? 

    1.Read a lot
    2.Write and experiment a lot
    3.If people ask you to improve, give suggestions, help you with book recommendations – hear them and reciprocate. If people ask you to stop writing – don’t hear them, no one on Earth has rights to say that! You can start anywhere, even if you’re not good with language – you can improve, even if it takes years together. Don’t give up, if you’re passionate about writing

  1. What would be an ideal gift for you?

A kindle would be an ideal gift for now. If that’s costly, I would ask for good books, pens, book marks, cute little handmade diary/notebooks.  

  1. And finally, if there was a book you could turn into a movie, what would it be and why? I would like to be selfish here. I want “Dirty Martini” to be made into a movie, because, am visualizing it so. Peculiar characters, dual timelines, different point of views of the same incident, and many sensual and interesting scenes are used throughout. I am all the more in love with it!

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