5 Bookstagram Accounts You Should Be Following!

When I first started using Instagram, I will admit I didn’t understand the platform at all. But as time went on I started understanding the use of hashtags and the best times for posting, how to gain followers and find the accounts I would like to follow. It was also then that I discovered that instagram has separate sections for all the people/bloggers they host. Because I both write and review books, there never is a constant theme for me. But I discovered the bookstagrammers on here. People who grammed books…in beautiful aesthetically pleasing settings and wrote mini reviews for it, because let’s face it – maintaining a blog is hard work! And it’s difficult to keep at it especially if no one comments on your blog posts. 

Here are my five picks for the 5 Bookstagram accounts you should be following! (I know there are others out there too. But these are MY top 5 picks.)

1. theguywiththebook 

2. musingsofareader

What are you reading today? My current read is Dozakhnama by Rabisankar Bal and Arunava Sinha. 👍 Book: Dozakhnama Author: Rabisankar Bal, Arunava Sinha 544 pages Published: July 10, 2012 Synopsis: Who tells the greatest story — God or Manto? Dozakhnama: Conversations in Hell is an extraordinary novel, a biography of Manto and Ghalib and a history of Indian culture rolled into one. Exhumed from dust, Manto’s unpublished novel surfaces in Lucknow. Is it real or is it a fake? In this dastan, Manto and Ghalib converse, entwining their lives in shared dreams. The result is an intellectual journey that takes us into the people and events that shape us as a culture. As one writer describes it, ‘I discovered Rabisankar Bal like a torch in the darkness of the history of this subcontinent. This is the real story of two centuries of our own country.’ Rabisankar Bal’s audacious novel, told by reflections in a mirror and forged in the fires of hell, is both an oral tale and a shield against oblivion. An echo of distant screams. Inscribed by the devil’s quill, Dozakhnama is an outstanding performance of subterranean memory.

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3. khubaibliophile

Let's get some yellow… . . . . . Do you think this book is over-rated? . . . . Hey guys so I am at my wit's end with captions these days. I finished Yaa Gyasi's Homegoing and believe me it is one 5 star book and you shouldn't miss it for the world. Currently I am reading Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie and The Free Voice by Ravish Kumar. . . . . So, it's exactly midnight here and I am watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S S3, E20, The one with Chandler and Rachel's boss. And I am waiting for the Man Utd match to start. And also I am binge watching Malgudi Days with my wife. It is the most amazing and nostalgic show ever. . . . So, to a happening Saturday night guys…put the phone down and pick up a book. Tata. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #rupikaur #thesunandherflowers #yellow #yellowflowers #poetry #poetryporn #poems #poetsofinstagram #poemsofinstagram #booksbooksbooks #igreads #bookstagram #bookstagramindia #booklove #bookporn #bookgasm #bookreaders #bibliophiles #bookworms #readersofig #bookishph #bookish #bookphotos #bookphotography #met_createchange #unitedbookstagram

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4. thequotethief

'Fairy Tales' by Audrey Hepburn 📸: Rosie Hardy

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5. thebookguru 

Aniesha_Brahma Aniesha Brahma is the author of The Secret Proposal, The Guitar Girl, When Our Worlds Collide, All Signs Lead Back to You and P.C. Chandra’s The Awesome Four: Coming Together & The Legend of Stardust. She founded BUZZ Magazine in 2014 with two of her friends. Besides being the editor of BUZZ, she runs two blogs: Aniesha’s Musings and Bibliotheque. She also describes herself as a crazy cat lady and a Potterhead. Aniesha also recently started co-curating book events under the banner of #BooksOverChai with Pradipta Mandal.



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