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10 Things To Keep In Mind When Going To A Book Bazaar

#1 – Reach at the earliest possible as most markets get crowded by noon along with traffic.

#2 – Carry enough chilled water as you’ll need to walk A LOT searching for the best deals on books. Best suggestion would be to carry freshly made lemonade or Lemon Soda (Shikanji/Bhanta) as it replenishes your body’s salt lost in sweat and prevents dehydration. Most places have several Shikanji vendors at every corner worth 5 to 20 rupees.

#3 – Carry a well-sized bag which can store your books safely without ruining the covers (how frustrating that is!). Most people are likely to buy 2 kilograms of books when they visit for the first time. Keep your wishlist ready and your eyes open.

#4 – Have enough money as you’ll find many books and you’ll want/need to have them all! There are sellers who sell books at the rate of Rs. 150 for 1 kg! Isn’t that crazy?


Delhi Book Bazaar

#5 – Wear full-length clothes as you need to be covered completely in order to be protected from probable mosquito bites and/or sun tan. Apply a generous amount of a good quality sunscreen, every 2 hours.

#6 – Be prepared for hardcore bargaining! If you’re not good at it, then just get. More money you save, more books you go home with!

#7 – Don’t starve yourself as you’ll be at a risk to get a heatstroke and/or faint. Keep munching snacks like chips and biscuits as they’ll boost up your energy.

#8 – Protect your belongings from pickpockets.

#9 – Carry a Power Bank and keep your phone charged. You won’t be able to see your screen under the sun and you’ll keep the brightness full, draining out your battery.

#10 – Don’t forget to click pictures with your bibliophile friends! You’ll definitely get a BookGasm when you see yourself surrounded by so many books 😉

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