Priyanka Roy Banerjee

Priyanka Roy Banerjee is an aspiring author, frequent blogger, book critic and freelance editor. She is an avid reader and writes fiction in both English and Bangla. She blogs at One and a Half Minutes and Moreechikaa. She’s a Ph.D dropout and gorges on all kinds of cinema when she’s not reading or writing.
Priyanka Roy Banerjee has written 3 posts for BUZZ Magazine

Book Review: Finding Audrey

The best thing about Sophie Kinsella is that her characters make you feel more real, more into the practical world. I think I’ve been saying a lot about my non-compliance to Young Adult novels. It’s not that I hate them, but apart from one or two, I couldn’t relate to them. This inability in me … Continue reading

Book Review: All The Bright Places

Did you know somebody committed suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world? In most cases, they don’t leave any clue that could lead to a reason for their actions. It may be love, it may not be; it may be failure, and extreme ones at that; it may be Monophobia (that’s an easy one … Continue reading

Short Story: Zoya

She was hiding behind her dad’s blazer, inside the huge walk-in closet. Dad was probably in the next room, searching for her, calling her pet-name, ‘Pori‘. They were playing hide and seek within their big old mansion in Calcutta. Her grandfather had bought it when he migrated with his family from Khulna (in erstwhile Bangladesh). … Continue reading