Indrani Banerjee

Indrani Banerjee completed her Master's from Jadavpur University in Comparative Literature and pursued theatre whole-heartedly there-after. She has worked with Zomato researching on food and culture for more than a year before freelancing for several food websites. She has discovered rare food joints in Varanasi, to her credit. She had also set up and entire city's food volume for Zomato, in her list of achievements. An avid reader and with food being almost always on her mind, she could do anything to whip up a quick curry, eat or write about it.
Indrani Banerjee has written 3 posts for BUZZ Magazine

Food BUZZ: A Spring Recipe

What’s spring without some colour? Some smell of love,  some skipping heartbeats and a warm farewell to the last hint of cool in the air? Any transition can manage to melt my heart! And ever since I learnt to see through them,  I started looking for transitions everyday in perhaps everything. Now, you must be … Continue reading

Food BUZZ: The “Chop” Story

With heavy grey-blue clouds around the corner, while downing infinite cups of coffee, it’s time to talk about the favorite monsoon snacks. Chop! Maccher chop, mangsher chop, dimer devil( that devil of a croquette with boiled half egg on one side and it’s spiced loaded better half on the other), fish fry, parardokanertelebhaja..the list is … Continue reading

Food BUZZ: Handi Chicken

Ingredients ½ Kg boneless chicken Finely chopped onions 200 grams of hung card. 3 Table spoons Mustard oil ( for marination) Red chili powder (according to taste) Ginger paste ( 1 table spoon) Garlic paste (2 table spoons) Lemon juice 1 large and 1 medium tomatoes blanched and pureed Whole Garam Masala ( Cloves, Cinnamons, … Continue reading