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App Review: Psych!

Have you tried TV start Ellen Degeneres’ app Psych? The full name of the game is Psych! Outwit Your Friends. The app says that it is “an exciting new party game to play with your friends!” but you know that 90% of the time what promises to be fun actually ends up being an absolute bore. I entered the game with no high expectations when a friend introduced this game on our road trip to Indore. I rather gave that same look of apprehension when I started round 1 of the first game- and boom, 15 minutes later, I was a complete addict.

The aim of the game is simple. You bring together a group of your crazy friends and play different decks. Psych!’s questions are ridiculous and funny that at one point in time you will actually end up crediting the team for coming up with such creative and wacky questions.

Here’s how Ellen Degeneres explains it – “you play it with your friends, in person, in the same room, and you all have a phone, and you all make up fake answers to real trivia, and then you have to guess what the real answer is.”

To double the fun, among the answers given by the players there will be one answer which is the correct answer. If you pick a wrong answer by selecting one of your friend’s fake answer, you get Psyched! Try to be as creative as you can when answering the trivia.
There is one deck “And The Truth Comes Out” which doesn’t have any correct answer. Here, like the app says, “You and your friends become the game.” This deck needs you to answer interesting questions about one another and you can choose the answer which you think is the most interesting or best suits your friend in question. I remember playing this deck and there was this one particular question I remember, “What is Arka’s hidden secret?” Arka is an electrical engineer (you’ll find out soon why I mentioned his profession) and my husband answered the question by writing, “Fixing electric meters by his teeth”. This was so hilarious that I couldn’t help but pick this answer. Got Psyched by my husband. I on the other wrote that finding washrooms on highways was Arka’s hidden talent. My answer managed to psych a few in my group. The best thing about this game is that when you select an answer you actually don’t know who it has been written by. There is complete anonymity until the results are out.

You get 1 point if you psych someone and 2 points if you choose the correct answer. Try and guess the right answer alongside psyching your friends to sweep the scoreboard and register a win.

I call it a game of wits. There can be more than one strategy to winning a game of Psych!
1) You can rack your brain and come up with an answer which might sound right.
2) Focus all your energy on reading the mind of your friends and writing answers that you think they might clickbait based on their thought process or answer selection.
3) Or you can club both and use it to score.

It might sound strange but at least in my case, I have seen that often the silliest of answers end up being the correct answer. That, however, doesn’t mean that I have always been the undisputed champion in the game of Psych. I have been psyched by answers that seemed just too absurd to be written by a friend, only to be proven wrong.

Unleash your creative side and give this app a go. Play with your friends in a group if you are up for some fun. It certainly made my road trip all the more fun and remember once your friends start going for the wrong answers, you’ll have a lot of inside jokes to crack later.

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