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5 Things Anyone Getting Published Should Know!

We are living in a time where there is an overload of information on everything you can think of. From how a Giraffe eats to what is Nollywood, you get it all. But the sad part is there is not much relevant information on Publishing. Rarely will anyone come and handhold you when it comes … Continue reading

Hacks To Buy Books For Cheap Online

If you’re viewing any article on this blog, then it’s quite fitting to assume that you’re a bookworm. So are we. And being a bookworm is more of a lifestyle choice as most of you would agree. Each bookworm has his own resource to read books from. Some borrow from libraries, others from their book-hoarder … Continue reading

Food BUZZ: The “Chop” Story

With heavy grey-blue clouds around the corner, while downing infinite cups of coffee, it’s time to talk about the favorite monsoon snacks. Chop! Maccher chop, mangsher chop, dimer devil( that devil of a croquette with boiled half egg on one side and it’s spiced loaded better half on the other), fish fry, parardokanertelebhaja..the list is … Continue reading

BEEVILLE: Books & Food!

Author Interview: Kavipriya Moorthy

First things first: how did you take up writing? I would call it affinity, whatever I do and wherever I go, I was always noted for my flair for writing. I didn’t take it seriously until I had to take a decision in terms of survival. I wanted solace, and luckily, writing offered and still … Continue reading

Pet Talk: 7 Things I Try To Tell My Humans But They Don’t Listen

Humans don’t know how to live. I would know, I have stayed with them for four years, which is the entirety of my life. During this time, I have tried, almost every day, to show my humans what they are doing wrong, but they have proved as stubborn as beagles. In the hope that there … Continue reading


10 Things To Keep In Mind When Going To A Book Bazaar

#1 – Reach at the earliest possible as most markets get crowded by noon along with traffic. #2 – Carry enough chilled water as you’ll need to walk A LOT searching for the best deals on books. Best suggestion would be to carry freshly made lemonade or Lemon Soda (Shikanji/Bhanta) as it replenishes your body’s salt lost … Continue reading

7 Times Regina Showed Us She’s More Than Just An Evil Queen

Yes, she activated the dark curse, put hold on happy endings of all of our beloved fairy tale characters, cursed the entire realm and brought them to the world without magic. But, Regina, The Evil Queen from ABC’s hit show, Once Upon A Time, has also been the one who lost more, was cursed more, … Continue reading

5 Step Guide to Monsoon-Ready Skin

Considering the rising temperature, I don’t know when the summer is finally bidding goodbye but, being an optimist, I am assuming the Monsoon will make an appearance very soon. Although the monsoon brings you joy and relief, it might not be the best season for your skin. This time, I am here with a bunch … Continue reading