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Movie Review: Frozen

“The skies awake, so I’m awake.” And six year old Anna’s voice is going to echo through your mind until she’s show to have grown into a rather harum-scarum young woman. The story of Frozen is a simple one. One of two sisters: the elder of which, Elsa, has been born with the special power … Continue reading

Short Story: Zoya

She was hiding behind her dad’s blazer, inside the huge walk-in closet. Dad was probably in the next room, searching for her, calling her pet-name, ‘Pori‘. They were playing hide and seek within their big old mansion in Calcutta. Her grandfather had bought it when he migrated with his family from Khulna (in erstwhile Bangladesh). … Continue reading

Food BUZZ: Handi Chicken

Ingredients ½ Kg boneless chicken Finely chopped onions 200 grams of hung card. 3 Table spoons Mustard oil ( for marination) Red chili powder (according to taste) Ginger paste ( 1 table spoon) Garlic paste (2 table spoons) Lemon juice 1 large and 1 medium tomatoes blanched and pureed Whole Garam Masala ( Cloves, Cinnamons, … Continue reading

Shorts: Mother

Mother: a word that is defined by the dictionary as, “a female parent. “ However, I envisage it is a vague and fragmentary definition for someone who not only plays such an essential and imperative role in our lives but also influences and molds our character and personality to a great extent. Rather, Mother is … Continue reading

7 Awesome Things About Living Alone

You can create your own time zones on days off: Wake up at noon, sleep at 3 a.m.; who cares?! KFC for breakfast, lunch or dinner: Gourmet breakfast=last day’s leftover. Wear whatever, whenever: With no one to watch, you can wear the most awful clothes to snuggle in them or those flashy designers to make yourself feel … Continue reading

Short Story: Zeal

“I  can’t do it anymore, mom” cried Jane as she stepped down from the stage. She had tried enough. She had suffered enough and now she could do it no more. She wanted to stop it all: the fear, and the humiliation! She had decided to quit and no amount of coaxing from her mother … Continue reading

Short Story: A Tale of Love

The strawberry cream cake stood within the glass display case – she was a bit sad and desolate. It was Valentine’s Day and no one had picked her yet; all her batch-mates had been sold. It was then that she overheard one attendant telling the other – “That idiot baker he has spelled it out … Continue reading

Short Story: Sylvia

“What? Are you sure honey?” asked Lucy with humour in her eyes. “Yes I am sure mom. I am in love” chirped Kevin, looking up at his mother with concern in his eyes. Kevin looked at his mother. He could tell from her expression that she was silently laughing at him. He was too young … Continue reading

Short Story: Motherhood

(1) ‘I wish I was a better child’, thought Minu. The storm didn’t seem to cease. It was a sad morning: cloudy, heavy droplets washing away thick dust on the verandah. There wasn’t much hassle on street: the rain kept people locked indoors. Minu looked out of the window, and all she could see were … Continue reading

Author Interview: Rohit Gore

Hello! Thank you for agreeing to let us interview you for Buzz Magazine. Rohit: A pleasure, and thank you for featuring me on Buzz Magazine. First things first – tell us a little bit about yourself? What was your childhood like? Did something inspire you to write since then? Rohit: My father worked with a … Continue reading