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Author Interview: Aryani Banerjee

First things first: how did you take up writing? I had a fetish for writing since my school days. Words conflicted in my mind and I would scribble in the back pages of my notebooks. In each examination, I would often opt for the short story in the English Language question paper, and then I … Continue reading

Author Interview: Luke Gracias

Hello Luke, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to us. 🙂 First things first: how did you take up writing? I wanted to write a screen play for a film and tried my hand at that around 2010. I did a couple of courses to improve my screen play writing … Continue reading

5 Things Anyone Getting Published Should Know!

We are living in a time where there is an overload of information on everything you can think of. From how a Giraffe eats to what is Nollywood, you get it all. But the sad part is there is not much relevant information on Publishing. Rarely will anyone come and handhold you when it comes … Continue reading