Sarika Patkotwar

Aside from being a Potterhead and still trying to figure the (Muggle) world out, Sarika Patkotwar is an avid reader who is also the co-founder and co-owner of The Readdicts Book Blog, where she reviews and promotes books. Having done her Masters in French with literature as specialisation, she now teaches the language- something she always wanted to do. Absolutely mad about food and dogs, Sarika is usually seen exploring her creative side in her free time. She goes by the name SarikaP8 on most social media sites, in case you’d like to say hi.
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Book Review: The Secret of the Sea

The Secret of the Sea on Goodreads BOOK SUMMARY: A fast-paced suspense thriller set in the Indian state of Goa.  Inspector Pinto receives a call one evening, about a new case. A young college student Namita is murdered at Morjim beach in Goa and her body is found floating in the sea. Inspector Pinto leads the investigation, only … Continue reading

DIY: How to Make A TBR JAR at Home!

How To Make A TBR Jar Using Less Than 10 Items Which Are Easily Available At Home! Hello, everyone. I have way too many books on my shelves which I haven’t read for years, so this year, I made a TBR jar for myself with names of books I’ve been wanting to read, but never … Continue reading

5 Cute LGBT Books to Read this Valentine’s Day

Whether you like it or not, the fact that it is Valentine’s Day today is undeniable. And whether you celebrate the day or not, happy Valentine’s Day! If you, like me, fall in the category of people who don’t really care about such days, I have compiled a list of five very cute LGBT books … Continue reading

Five Romances To Read This Valentine’s Day

February, they say, is the month of love. We readers don’t really need any excuse to read a good book, but because Valentine’s Day is round the corner, here is a list of five romances that you should read.   WHERE THE RAINBOW ENDS BY ANURAG ANAND: Sticking to the Indian romance writing scene, Anurag … Continue reading

5 Books Set In Winter to curl up with

Winter is the season of long and cold nights and the only way for bookworms to spend this season is curled up in warm blankets with a big hot mug of coffee or tea and a really interesting book for company. Some people love to read romances, others science-fiction and then there are some (like … Continue reading

Harry Potter Special: Colouring Book

I find it difficult to contain my excitement, because 31st July 2016 could get better than this! Potterheads all over the world are going mad, and rightly so. On this incredibly exciting trio of occasions: the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Harry Potter and Queen J. K. Rowling’s birthdays and the celebration … Continue reading

Bookish Tattoo Ideas

We all know that reading is cool and tattoos are cool, so when you put them together, you get something super cool. As of now, I have three tattoos and two of them are book related. While I was doing my research on exactly what I wanted to get to portray how Harry Potter, and … Continue reading

5 Gifts To Get Your Bookworm Partner!

One might assume that gifting bookworms is easy- you just buy a book and it’s done. But honestly, it’s not so easy after all, because even though we bookworms love hoarding books, we do have our specifications when it comes to deciding what we want to read. If you have a bookworm crush, partner, boyfriend/ girlfriend, husband/ wife, … Continue reading