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Aniesha_BrahmaAniesha Brahma is the author of The Secret Proposal, The Guitar Girl, When Our Worlds Collide and All Signs Lead Back to You. As well as the P.C. Chandra’s The Awesome Four: Coming Together & The Legend of Stardust children’s graphic novels. She started BUZZ Magazine in 2014 with two of her friends, and eventually BUZZ Magazine moved to its own space in 2016. Besides being the founder and editor-in-chief of BUZZ, she runs two blogs: Aniesha’s Musings and Bibliotheque. And struggles with her day job of being a social media manager and marketing executive. 🙂 She also describes herself as a crazy cat lady and a Potterhead.


Social Media/Content Editor Intern

Simran_KaurSimran Kaur, a second year Management student at BML Munjal University is an explorer by nature and so she aspires to pursue an MBA in tourism and hospitality after her graduation. She has an extra-ordinary love for writing and reading. Simran has contributed her stories and poems in various anthologies. She began her entrepreneurial journey at ‘‘Handmade Marvels” to relish her passion for crafts where she is constantly experimenting and designing bookmarks, paper jewelries and greeting cards. For her, cooking is an ultimate source of joy and she loves trying out new cuisines. Capturing moments through lens, doodling, singing in different languages such as Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam is what she does in her pastime. Do checkout her creativity at Handmade Marvels.


Food Editor

Indrani_BanerjeeIndrani Banerjee completed her Master’s from Jadavpur University in Comparative Literature and pursued theatre whole-heartedly there-after. She has worked with Zomato researching on food and culture for more than a year before freelancing for several food websites. She has discovered rare food joints in Varanasi, to her credit. She had also set up and entire city’s food volume for Zomato, in her list of achievements. An avid reader and with food being almost always on her mind, she could do anything to whip up a quick curry, eat or write about it.





An Economist by education, Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma is an ex-journalist with more than a hundred articles in her name. Currently, a full-time freelance writer-editor, the highlights of her days are editing manuscripts and writing for websites, publications, businesses and government departments. She has also been actively involved with multiple projects of UNV and been recognized/awarded for her efforts. Having grown up all over the country, Samarpita is currently settled in Bhopal with her husband. Know more about her work at



Aside from being a Potterhead and still trying to figure the (Muggle) world out, Sarika Patkotwar is an avid reader who is also the co-founder and co-owner of The Readdicts Book Blog, where she reviews and promotes books. Having done her Masters in French with literature as specialisation, she now teaches the language- something she always wanted to do. Absolutely mad about food and dogs, Sarika is usually seen exploring her creative side in her free time. She goes by the name SarikaP8 on most social media sites, in case you’d like to say hi.




Sayantini Bhattacharya is a 20-something full-time blogger, dog-mom, bibliophile, literature student, makeup hoarder, fashion-lover, foodie and shopaholic. Sayanti has also been published in Acerbic Anthology: Protest Poetry and Short Fiction Against Gender Violence and Rape, Convergence- A Global Collection of Poetry and Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Universal Peace.




PriPriyanka Roy Banerjee is an aspiring author, frequent blogger, book critic and freelance editor. She is an avid reader and writes fiction in both English and Bangla. She blogs at One and a Half Minutes and Moreechikaa. She’s a Ph.D dropout and gorges on all kinds of cinema when she’s not reading or writing.




Souradeep Ghosh: Better known as Gogol, loves comics and butter chicken. Busy building an empire with Lego. Rumoured to have been trained by Yoda. You can get in touch with him, by following his FB page golgol.




RiniRini Tarafder: A researcher in the field of Indian performance cultures, Rini Tarafder also dabbles in theatre, music and art. Although Kolkata is her newest home, her search for interesting performances takes her all over India. She loves reading plays and hopes to add to the cannon someday. Musical instruments are one of her other major interests and she loves finding out and learning to play strange musical instruments. She loves animals and trees and is at home in nature, far from humans and civilization.



For Abhishek Kanungo, an ideal life equates a small hut in a secluded forest with a vintage fender and dogs for company. An ardent Manchester United fan and John Frusciante devotee, he also creates websites when not procrastinating.





Esha Chatterjee runs the publishing house, BEE Books. She loves the art of making beautiful books, and BEE Books publishes everything from translation, fiction, non-fiction, essays to graphic novels and corporate coffee table books. Apart from that, she is also a book reviewer, critic, moderator for literary events and has been associated with quite a number of literary festivals.